Donald Trump Stated That He Has Piloted a New American Moment


President Donald Trump stated in the State of the Union Address on Jan. 30, 2018, that he has piloted in a new American moment. He issued that the nation needs to deliver unity for the people that he and his administration was elected to serve.

The president addressed the nation and said that over the last year his team has made great progress and accomplished fantastic success. The nation has seen the beauty of the soul of America and strength in the nation’s spine.

Trump stated that in his second year in office he would like to spend $1.5 trillion to rebuild that nation’s infrastructure. He wishes to create a four-part immigration bill and reduce prescription drug prices. Trump’s State of the Union Address was one hour and 20 minutes long, which was the longest since former President Bill Clinton’s last address to the nation in 2000.

Different parts of the president’s immigration bill include offering citizenship to undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children, or Dreamers. In return for federal money to spend on increased border security, such as an end of the visa lottery, limits on family reunification policies, and the construction of the U.S. and Mexican border wall.

President Trump said that the crimes caused by street gangs such as the MS-13s are caused by an open border nation. He also stated that American citizens have dimmer economic prospects and safety because of Dreamers and other illegal immigrants.

The president stated that the U.S. is a nation of empathy. However, many of American communities are forgotten, and American workers are struggling. Furthermore, Americans are dreamers too.

The Hill reported that Trump asked a divided nation to reunite after his first year in office at his first State of the Union Address. During his address to the nation from Washington, he requested action be taken on infrastructure and immigration from both parties.

Trump stated that his presidential team has created a tax-cut bill that was passed by Congress in December and piloted a “new American moment.” The president said that his agenda is working, and defended a growing economy that he connected to their tax-cut bill.

During the State of the Union Address, President Trump stated that no matter where any of the U.S. citizens had been who were watching his address to the American people on the night of the address that this is their time. If they work hard and have faith in the United States they can become, achieve, and dream anything, unconditionally.

The Hill reported that the presidential address comes during a volatile aura of a partisan backdrop in Washington. It also comes after a three-day government shut down earlier in January 2018. On Feb. 8, there is a deadline to keep the federal government functioning, which is closely associated with discussions on illegal immigration. The Hill reported that the Democrats and Republicans are not close to resolving the issue.

Trump said that he is extending an offer to work together with the Democratic Party, and is piloting a new American moment. He then stated that he is ordering Guantanamo Bay to be kept open. The BBC reported that the order would reverse the Obama administration’s order to shut down the prison.

By John A. Federico


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