Jerusalem Today: Focal Point of Faith or Catastrophic Trigger?

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Some believe that with the United Nations plotting and worldwide jihad on the rise, the city of Jerusalem is a ticking time bomb. For over a 1,000 years, Israelis and Palestinians both claim Jerusalem as their capital. However, the fight against these claims has been a relentless brawl to the end.

Today, the State of Israel maintains its central governmental establishments in the Holy City. At the same time, the State of Palestine foresees Jerusalem as its capital of power. Nevertheless, neither entitlement is broadly accepted globally.

City Under a 1,000 Year Siege

For some, Jerusalem is a city under ambush. In Western circles, the idea of peace can only be accomplished by pushing hard for a Middle East settlement. Others believe the re-division of Jerusalem will put radical Islamic anger to rest. Thus, eradicating the tide of al-Qaeda’s ideological spread. However, some think that it is impossible. They believe a re-division of Jerusalem will bring more hurt than help. In their eyes, implementing this plan will release a new jihadist force that would be detrimental.

Still, the fight for Jerusalem did not just happen overnight. In fact, it goes back over 5,000 years. Amid its long history, Jerusalem has been under siege 52 times. The city was also seized and recovered over 44 times. Historians estimate it was attacked more than 23 times and obliterated twice.

However, the foundations of the ongoing Arab–Israeli clash is credited to the ascent of Zionism and Arab nationalism. This current conflict started towards the finish of the nineteenth century and still goes on today.

Arab–Israeli Family Discord

According to theologians and historians. Arabs and Israeli share a common family member. In Torah, he is known as “Abraham,” and in the Koran, he is referred to as “Ibrahim.” Both groups claim their descent from this patriarch.

Some think the ties and connections between these two religions have gotten lost and distorted over time. Others believe that is an understatement. With tons of bloodshed and discord among the two for years, some believe there has never been a time of harmony.

Some theologians and historians say the opposite. They claim there was such a time. Both argue that Arabs and Israeli are offspring of a similar parent and are fit to live in peace. They believe this time occurred briefly during the Moorish Spain era.

Part of the dispute arises from the conflicting claims to the land. Territory viewed by the Jewish individuals as their ancestral homeland is challenged by the Pan-Arab development. The Arabs believe it belongs with the Palestinians. They regard them as ancient Muslim lands.

The Six Day War

A coalition of Arab armies, in June of 1967 congregated on frontiers. Their game plan was to use military force to demolish the 19-year-old Jewish state. Nevertheless, six days later, Israel’s fighters prospered. They managed to defeat the entire Arab onslaught. In fact, Israel’s army pursued the enemy all the way to the Jordan River.

Before that day in June of 1967, East Jerusalem was entirely in Arab control. They ruled with an iron rod, disallowing Jews from entering the Old City. If they did, they were threatened with death. Furthermore, there were no Jewish settlements at all in East Jerusalem. Nor were there any in the West Bank or Gaza.

The walled Old City of Jerusalem, which had been dominated by the Arab forces who had crushed Jewish homes, synagogues and tombs, was placed back in the hands of the Jews. It was just 100 years earlier, when Mark Twain arrived at the Holy Land, labeled it a place of misery and abject poverty. He was in awe of the rubbish. But then some believe today, Jerusalem thrives united in the hands of its rightful concierges. Many believe the Jewish individuals have made it an open and free city for all persons and beliefs. However, there are others that beg to differ.

The Ethiopian Community

According to immigrants and other refugees, there has been arising racism among people of darker skin. The Ethiopian Jewish population’s  report that they have been bombarded by racist attitudes. This bigoted defiance is shared by a small percentage Israelis. Racism has been quoted as justification for policies and programs that were unsuccessful in meeting expectations.

Racism was unproven concerning delays in welcoming Ethiopian Jews to Israel. This was up under the Law of Return. The Law of Return is an Israeli regulation, voted for on July 5, 1950. The law gave Jews the opportunity to come and live in Israel. Once there, they were able to gain Israeli citizenship.

In 1970, the admission and settlement expanded to individuals with one Jewish grandparent. It was also given special status to a person who is married to a Jew. However, this depended on whether he or she is believed to be Jewish under Orthodox interpretations of Halakha.

Nevertheless, some contend that the interference in authorizing Ethiopians might be attributed to religious reasons as opposed to xenophobia.

The Trump Connection

Despite Jerusalem’s chaos, on Dec. 6, 2017, President Trump recognized the city as the capital of Israel. He also announced that the American Embassy would move from Tel-Aviv to the Holy City. Trump portrayed Jerusalem as the capital and that “the Jewish individuals built up in the ancient circumstances,” a statement that would no doubt outrage those in the Arab world. Especially Arabs who deny, that Jews have had a noteworthy association with the city for centuries.

In uncommon feedback of the Israeli leadership, U.S. president scrutinized Israel’s responsibility regarding making peace with the Palestinians.  He told the Hayom, which is owned by Sheldon Adelson an American tycoon and Trump patron:

At the moment, I would say the Palestinians are not looking to make peace, and I am not so sure that Israel is looking to make peace.

However, with the historical changes about to take place in the city, the world sits back and wonders the fate of the Holy City.

By Jomo Merritt


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