Brent Jones Will Provide Robust Leadership as Nevada State Lt. Governor


Brent Jones, one of Nevada’s influential Republicans with legislative experience is running to be Nevada’s next Lt. Governor. Jones can provide robust leadership particularly when it comes to bringing new businesses to the state. As a business owner, he has inside understanding of what business owners need to be successful and provide jobs.

In addition to holding office as a Nevada State Assemblyman (AD-35), 2014-2016, Jones is a business owner and family man. His drive to serve the people of the great state of Nevada can best be described as passion.

During his two-year tenure in the Legislature, he served in 1 Regular and 2 Special sessions serving on three committees: Health and Human Services, 2015; Judiciary, 2015; and Transportation, 2015.

As the owner of three local businesses, Real Water, Real MMA, and the Real Chamber of Commerce, Brent has first-hand knowledge of the effects of taxation, burdensome regulations, and the arbitrary rules Nevada imposes on businesses. Together these policies make it difficult to manage the business and pay living wages to employees. “It is time to end the cycle of taxing and regulating small companies into bankruptcy.” said the former Assemblyman.

Nevadans need jobs that will sustain a healthy lifestyle. For that to happen, companies need to be profitable to provide these opportunities. Jones says “It is so vital to keep Nevada a pro-business state, so all residents have job opportunities and can prosper.”

Jones endorsed Donald J. Trump for president in the presidential primary. He was the first elected official in Nevada to do so and is a proud supporter of President. “Under Trump’s administration, and the removal of many burdensome regulations along with tax cuts the economy is flourishing and many new jobs have been created,” he said.
Jones says that “applying the president’s proven results in Nevada will increase business growth and stability, thereby increasing jobs for Nevadan’s.”

Another vital area the state must work on is educating future generations. As an Assemblyman he fought hard for the end of Common Core and strongly advocated for school choice and helped pass the Educational Savings Accounts known as ESA.

Jones wants to continue that cause and work to finally get the ESA passed legislation funded so parents can realize the benefits. Jones will continue to fight for improved education and pro-school choice measures. As the father of three small children, he understands the necessity of quality education, not only for his kids but all children in the state.

Finally, the former Assemblyman wants to ensure election integrity and says he “supports the Secretary of State, Barbara Cegavske, and her efforts to protect the states election system.”

Brent Jones is pro-business, pro-jobs, and pro-integrity. As the next Lt. Governor for Nevada, he will continue to fight for its citizens. He will work closely with the Governor and President Trump to return Nevada to greatness.

Cathy Milne


Brent Jones for Lt. Governor

Image Courtesy of Brent Jones – Used with Permission

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