Bill Cosby a Rapist or Is This a Ploy to Tarnish His Legacy?

CosbyAfter decades of avoidance, Bill Cosby found himself convicted on all three counts of aggravated indecent assault for drugging defendant Andrea Constand before he sexually assaulted her at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004. In the initial trial that ended up in a hung jury, only Constand’s testimony was allowed in court, however, it seems the five additional accusers’ testimonies proved to be the difference this time around. Is Cosby a rapist or is this all a ploy to tarnish his legacy?

William Henry Cosby, better known as Bill, is one of the most revered and until recently, respected comedians of the last half-century. He was known as America’s favorite father for decades. He was the patriarch of the family that ruled the 80s sitcom world. On the infamous “Cosby Show” the actor played a wealthy man who was a faithful husband, father of five and a beloved obstetrician. Many still equate the comic to a clean and crisp Huxtable and refuse to believe he could actually be a rapist.

Many stood by Cosby as the woman after woman came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct because the illusion of Huxtable was so powerful. However, the recent unsealing of court documents have now bolstered the defamation claims against the comedian. In 2005, Cosby admitted to obtaining Quaaludes for sexual predatory intention.

At the onset of the allegations, many Cosby fans questioned why the women waited so long to open up about the alleged abuse. Others were wondering why it took a comedian to expose him before others found the courage to speak out. Despite having admitted in a deposition that he acquired sedatives with the idea they could help him have sex with a woman, the producer has long denied all the allegations of sexual assault.

Ironically, or not, more than 30 women have described similar stories of being drugged and sexually assaulted by the comedian. Sex with a person who is unconscious or otherwise not participating is not consensual, it is rape. Could the most loved dad of the 80s be a rapist or is it all a ploy to tarnish a man’s life-long legacy?Cosby

Huxtable was such a great father that it sounds almost unorthodox to call him a rapist. Many find themselves struggling with the dual personality of Cosby: the sexual predator and America’s greatest dad Heathcliff Huxtable. Cosby has long been associated with child-like affection, clean humor, and education. He is a world-renowned comedian, television producer, and author, actor, activist and humanitarian.

In some way or another, many viewers “became” a part of the Huxtable family. Now America has been forced to deal with the “nasty family secret” that everyone knows about but no one wants to talk about. Truth is, all families have these conundrums. These are not just Cosby’s dirty secrets, yes, he is the one who has been accused over and over, but the entertainment community is not completely off the hook. Reportedly, many within the industry knew about it and discussed Cosby’s abhorrent behavior in private, all while jumping at the first opportunity to work with the comedian.

Well, the man has finally been convicted. Whether or not, he does any jail time, the comedian will die a deeply disgraced and broken man. Unfortunately, Society has created an arena which allows celebrities to perform heinous acts while buying their way out of appropriate consequence.

The self-righteous comic who lashed out against the African-American community and publicly castigated the people who had long embraced him now sits in need of their mercy. The good news for him is there are still a faithful few who refuse to criminalize the beloved television father, even after the verdict which deemed the man guilty. Is Cosby a rapist or is this just a ploy to tarnish his legacy?

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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