Donald Trump Is Sending the National Guard to the Southern Border


The White House issued a statement that said President Donald J. Trump will send the National Guard to the Southern border to confront the illegal immigration crisis. The executive branch called the crisis a growing threat of crime and drugs from Central America. The president has warned about unmonitored immigration.

The president’s advisers stated, on Monday, April 2, 2018, that he was preparing new regulation to prohibit asylum seekers and migrants from entering the United States illegally. The illegal immigrants would include unaccompanied children or DACA Dreamers. Trump said that he will send the National Guard to the Mexican border to do what immigration authorities cannot.

The executive officer stated that the current immigration laws are ineffective and lax. He called for militarizing the border so an influx of Central American illegal immigrants, refugees, and Dreamers would not flow across it.

Trump said that the U.S. is preparing to secure the border between the homeland and Mexico. The U.S. laws are very atrocious and dangerous, as well.

The president stated, on Tuesday, March 3, that he will secure the Southern border until the creation of the wall. He called the action a big step at a luncheon with the Baltic leaders.

At the meeting, he said that he had discussed the matter with Jim Mattis, who is the U.S. defense secretary. Fox News reported that a White House official stated that Trump’s plan would be an extensive utilization of border security.

The commander-and-chief then stated that until the U.S. has a wall, the nation will protect their border with the National Guard. The homeland has not secured the border before, or not intensely.

Trump said that the border is unprotected by the nation’s weak and vulnerable immigration laws. He issued the statement at a news conference.

The executive branch told the leaders of the Baltic nations that he told Mexico he respects what they did. Their laws are very sturdy and influential. The U.S. has very weak laws for their border. However, his office will do certain things to improve them.

The president told Mexico that until the U.S. is able to build the wall on the Southern border, the White House will protect it. He said that the fortification of the border is a big step to improving the immigration laws.

Trump further stated that his country can not have people flowing across the border, vanishing, and never showing up in a U.S. courtroom. He said that he is going to attend a meeting on border security with Mattis. At the meeting, he was preparing to tell his defense secretary to protect the border.

The commander-and-chief has stated that he intends to use money from the U.S. military budget to build the border wall. The Trump administration would work with Mexico to construct it, after sending out the National Guard to the Southern Border to protect it.

By John A. Federico


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