Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Respond to Body Shamers Who Trolled Her Bikini Picture

Kelly Ripa
At the end of March, Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos took a tropical vacation together, which included time at the beach and pool. On social media, both celebrities posted pictures of each other as they enjoyed the sun and sand of their getaway. However, while the couple may have enjoyed their time in paradise, some followers were rather unimpressed with one picture that Consuelos posted of Ripa on his Instagram account, featuring his wife in the ocean wearing a bikini.

As the Daily Mail reported, at the time that Mark Consuelos posted the picture of Kelly Ripa in her bikini, a number of his followers commented on the picture, trolling the morning talk show host, and even going so far as to body shame her. Comments were made saying that Ripa was too old to be wearing a bikini, as well as saying that she was not setting a good example for their daughter. There were even comments made saying that she was too skinny to wear a bikini and look good. After not responding to the trolls for a few days after he posted the bikini picture, Consuelos eventually responded to the comments by saying that the picture was a tribute to his wife and the hard work she puts in to her body, and that if people had a problem with that then they can “get over it” or try to “get used to it.”

While Kelly Ripa did not respond to the trolls who commented on the picture Mark Consuelos posted of her in her bikini at the time, it seems that now the talk show host and her husband have finally decided to speak up after an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Bravo. On April 24, the celebrity couple appeared together on WWHL, and while there were many topics discussed, at one point the couple both spoke up about the negative comments people left regarding Ripa wearing a bikini at the beach.

Kelly Ripa joked with Cohen by saying, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to wear to the beach! I don’t really know, I wasn’t in synagogue, I was at the beach!” She then said if anyone had any other suggestions for her, as to what is appropriate beach attire, to let her know. Ripa was not the only one who seemed to be confused by the trolls and apparent body shaming, as Mark Consuelos also said that he found the whole thing “bizarre.” The Riverdale actor also asked what people think Kelly Ripa should have been wearing at the beach, although based on his response to the trolls at the time, it is unlikely that he really cares for an answer to the question.

Mark Consuelos was not the only one posting pictures from the vacation, as Kelly Ripa also posted pictures of her husband in his own swimwear to social media. However, while Ripa had to deal with trolls attacking her over wearing a bikini, the same could not be said for the pictures of Consuelos in his swim trunks that were posted. In fact, rather than be attacked for being too old for showing off his body, the actor actually received a lot of compliments.

While Kelly Ripa may have been the target of trolls who were not impressed by the fact that she was wearing a bikini during her beach vacation with husband, Mark Consuelos, it is clear that she is not going to let the comments bring her down. Instead, it seems as if Ripa is more than willing to joke about the whole situation, even as it is clear that there is a distinct double standard when it comes to men and women wearing swimwear and showing off their bodies.

By Kimberley Spinney


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