Congressional Leaders Are Drafting an Immigration Bill


Congressional leaders continue their attempt to write an immigration bill in Congress. However, President Donald Trump tweeted that their recent plan is not the best course of action for the U.S.

The president tweeted that the GOP should not focus so much of their time and effort on the illegal immigration crisis until they win more congressional seats (the so-called Red Wave) at the November midterm elections.

Trump tweeted that the Democrats are simply antagonizing the Republicans. He contends that the opposition party has no desire to end the social issue that has lingered on in the U.S. for decades and generations. The Republican party can pass great legislation in Congress after the Red Wave.

U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan created the compromise legislation. The lower house of Congress was scheduled to vote on the bill on Thursday, June 22, 2018. It was then postponed to Friday, June 23.

Once again, Congressional Republicans postponed it to the following week. CNN reported that the bill was postponed to the following week because they saw a silver lining of hope that the federal lawmakers might write a bill that would be passed through the House.

Trump said that his administration needs a Red Wave to pass a congressional immigration bill.  He then stated that Democrats have not done anything except obstructing justice.

Trump stated on Twitter that the GOP should stop spending so much of their valuable time on the issue of immigration until after they elect more Republican Senators and members of Congress in November during the midterm elections. The Democratic party is just procrastinating and is not attempting to solve the decade’s old problem. The Congressional Republicans in the House and Senate can pass a fantastic legislation bill after the Red Wave.

The U.S. president sent out the tweet after the leaders of the GOP pulled their major immigration bill from consideration in Congress late on Thursday, June 22. The vote was then prolonged to a later date, as congressional political leaders are attempting to write an immigration bill.

Republicans on Capitol Hill were not able to pass a more conservative bill earlier in the month of June. The bill they attempted to pass, which is more moderate on the political compass, would require employers to use E-verify to check the legal status of their employees that they hire.

Leaders of the GOP in the Senate and House attempted to satisfy conservatives and moderates in their party. Fox News reported that they tried to meet the presidents four pillars, as well. The Executive Branch’s four pillars are an end to chain migration, an end to the diversity lottery visa, a path to citizenship for illegal aliens who were brought to the U.S. as children (dreamers), and border security which includes a massive wall on the Mexican border of the U.S.

The Commander and Chief made reference that the Republican party in Washington will be able to use the illegal immigration issue to win more Senate seats in November. Once they win more seats they can then pass a stronger bill on the issue. However, congressional leaders are attempting to write an immigration bill.

By John A. Federico
Edited by Cathy Milne


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