Janice Wesen Is Passionate About Nevada’s Wellbeing

wesenJanice Wesen is the Republican candidate for Nevada Assembly District 34. She is a woman of integrity, great character, and sound judgment. She and her husband are business owners.

Because of these characteristics, she will make an exceptional Assemblywoman and an asset for business owners in Nevada. She opposes the Commerce Tax imposed on companies during the 2015 Legislative Session. Wesen will continue to work toward repealing this cumbersome tax.

She is adamantly opposed to raising the minimum wage and the creation of a personal income tax for all working Nevadans. The continuous increase in the costs and regulations will cause business owners to leave the state, which will drive up the unemployment rate.

In the last legislative session, Nevada senators and legislators passed a bill that will change the state’s constitution and significantly increase property taxes. This bill, SJR14, must come under a second vote in the 2019 Legislative Session. Wesen will stand strong in her commitment to her neighbors and all of Nevada to prevent this tragic bill from becoming law.

wesenNevada’s school rank 51st in the United States and the District of Columbia. Over the years many so-called solutions were moved forward without any success. Throwing money at the problem has not worked in the past and there is no reason to assume it will change now.

Wesen supports the Educational Saving Accounts (ESA). As a mom and neighbor, she wants to see all of Nevada’s children succeed. She and her husband raised their sons in Las Vegas; they graduated from the schools here. She has first-hand knowledge of Clark County schools.

Janice supports:
• Quality Education
• School Choice
• ESA (Educational Savings Accounts)
• Vocational and Technical Training

The best solution is allowing parents to choose where they send their children to school. The Educational Savings Accounts will make this more accessible to all families.

wesenAs a legislator, Janice will continue to fight for the right to choose. The ESAs have been approved but the details of the funding remain undone. It is time for Nevada to put this plan into action. Janice intends to see it to its fruition.

When Wesen is elected she will continue to meet with her neighbors in District 34. Her intent is to hold meetings, so she has a clear idea the needs of the district. She will be accountable for ensuring their needs are met.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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Image Courtesy of Janice Wesen – Used with Permission