Samoyeds Named Naughtiest Dogs in Time for Christmas


Santa is not the only one with a naughty or nice list this year. It turns out that there is also a naughty or nice dog breeds list that has been published as well. Unfortunately for the Samoyeds, it turns out that they are at the top of the list, but not the nice one.

A company known as Furbo, which happens to be the manufacturer behind a dog treat tossing camera, has released a list of which dogs are the naughtiest and which are the nicest. What determines naughty and nice? It seems that the number of times the dog barks per day is at the center of what makes a dog a problem child on this list.

According to ‘People Magazine,’ Furbo used data provided by their users in order to tally the statistics of how often the average dog barks every day. Considering the company’s goal is to show owners when their dog is barking through a notification on their cellphones, it makes sense that they might come up with a list indicating the dogs that bark the least, and which bark the most throughout the day.

Thanks to Furbo users sharing their information with the company, they have determined that the naughtiest dog breed is the Samoyed. Based on the numbers that Furbo has gathered, it seems that Samoyeds are more likely to bark “up to 52.8 times every day.” Even the second dog on the list couldn’t touch the Samoyed in turns of barking prowess.

Coming in at number two on the naughty list was the Yorkshire Terrier, which barked “up to 23.6 times per day.” On the other end of the spectrum are the quietest dogs, or in this case the nice ones. At the top of the nice list is the Bernese Mountain Dog. These dogs are estimated to bark a mere 3.1 times per day, although they did have some stiff competition at the top of the quiet list, as West Highland Terriers were said to only bark about 3.5 times a day.

The Naughty and Nice list from Furbo consists of the top five dogs that bark the most, and of course the top five dogs that bark the least. Overall, the list is a great way to figure out just how naughty or nice the average dog breed is in terms of being quiet throughout the day.

Of course, the list does not take into account other attributes of these dogs when it comes to their general behavior or activity, so while the Samoyed may be on the naughty list in terms of his barking activities, that does not mean he is a bad dog in other areas. In fact, as the AKC explains, these dogs are actually quite loving and loyal. They may be mischievous and demanding dogs, but they are also smart and social, which means they may land on the Furbo naughty list, but they redeem themselves in so many other ways.

Written by Kimberley Spinney


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Image Credit: Waldo93 via Pixabay – Creative Commons