Allison Mack Cites Scientology as Defense in Sex Trafficking Case

‘Smallville’ Star Allison Mac is using a unique defense in her sex trafficking Case. She said Scientology made her do it.

The attorneys of 36-year-old Allison Mack used as an example previous legal briefs brought against the Church of Scientology. The purpose was to try to use this to help defend Mack against the charges.

Mack was involved and ultimately arrested in connection with the cult NXIVM. The leader of the cult, Keith Raniere, was also arrested. Both were accused of being involved with sex-slaves.

Both were also accused of blackmailing lower members of the cult with documents and photos. This was to lure them into sexual relations with Raniere and working for free.

Dateline obtained court documents filed at the Federal Court of Brooklyn regarding the case. The lawyers for Mack used as a defense a case in 2009 that charged the Church of Scientology of forcing individuals into labor and sex. This was to imply that Raniere and Mack weren’t guilty of causing major harm to others.

The lawyers stated that the plaintiff’s theory in this court case is that Mack threatened to cause harm to others and obtained forced labor due to those threats. The harm would be the embarrassment of exposure of the photos and documents that were obtained. The lawyers contended that in other cases the court found that even though an outcome is embarrassing, it is not considered serious harm. Consequently, Mack is innocent.

It is alleged that Mack and 58-year-old Raniere threaten to release malicious statements and naked photos by other cult members against their family members. The attorneys stated that this was not considered serious harm and did not force anybody into sex or forced labor.

Mack’s lawyers brought up a Scientology Defense. In 2009 a similar case was brought up against the Church of Scientology in a lawsuit and it was unsuccessful. In this case, the court did not feel that the individuals were forced to remain at the Church of Scientology and they were free to leave at any time. If the did leave they would face excommunication from their family and friends and would be called a ‘dissenter.’

The lawyers believed that anybody in NXIVM was free to leave at any time. The lawyers believed that Mack’s sex-trafficking case was similar to the Scientology case.

In April, the Smallville Actress was arrested and accused of recruiting people to the cult. It was alleged that women in the cult were blackmailed if they tried to leave, assaulted and branded. She also required the women to have sex against their will with Raniere. The women were considered ‘slaves.’ It is alleged Mack was one of the leaders in the cult.

The branding of the women of NXIVM was a horrendous experience. Allegedly, the women got naked, were placed on a medical table and they were branded with a hot iron with the initials of Rainier.

Mack was released on her own recognizance. Her bond was $5 million. Raniere and the actress are facing a sentence of 15-year minimum and life in prison if convicted on the sex trafficking charges.

Will the Scientology Defense work for Allison Mack in her Sex Trafficking Case? Many feel it is a weak defense. The courts will ultimately decide.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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