Elizabeth Warren Announces Her 2020 Presidential Run (Video)


On New Years Eve 2016 at 8:30 am, Elizabeth Warren from Massachusettes sent an email message to her supporters stating that she will be starting an exploratory committee ahead of her running for President.

By forming a committee, she will be permitted to hire people for major staff positions and raise money prior to formally kicking off a bid for President.   Warren is unlikely to receive funding from a super PAC and has already stated that she will not accept money from a corporate PAC.

In a four-minute video released to the public, Warren had definitive themes that will be the basis of her presidential run. She stressed government accountability, economic equality and putting rules on big corporations.

As Warren stated that our democracy is being poisoned by corruption leaders within the Republican party splashed on the video screen. She also stated insurance companies stop patients from obtaining coverage which will save their lives and politicians do nothing to stop it and consumers are being ripped off by banks and the planet is being destroyed by oil companies.

The video starts with Warren talking about growing up in Oklahoma and after her father had a heart attack her mother had to get a job that paid minimum wage.  Later her father would obtain a job working as a janitor.

Warren was extremely proud that he father her and she was able to become a teacher, professor of law and finally a senator. She said that today working families have a more difficult path than her family did.

She also mentioned in the video that families of color have a more difficult path full of generations upon generations of discrimination.

Warren is known to be a harsh critic of President Trump and Trump has openly made racist statements about her Native American heritage referring to her as ‘Pocahontas.

The announcement comes while there is a partial government shutdown over Trump demanding a border wall and 13 months prior to the Iowa Caucuses.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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