Chris Harris LGBT Icon and Co-Owner of Club Ego Dies at 51


Chris Harris, concert promoter and co-owner of Club Ego in Providence, Massachusetts died on Jan. 09, 2019. The 51-year-old succumbed to cancer.

On Club Ego’s Facebook page, friends from Hawaii, Providence, Boston, and more wrote Chris Harris created his legend. “We now come together to celebrate in memory of our friend, partner, brother in our community, fighter and King of Clubs, Chris Harris.”.

Two of his friends Rob Zuromski and Alexis Gorriaran were by his bedside when Harris died Wednesday morning. They told NBC News that the LGBT community will always remember Harris for how he inspired everybody he met and his cheerful demeanor.

Gorriaran added that in the work he did in his personal life and throughout the LGBT community his primary goal was to generate new experiences. He added that both of them shared a love for entertainment, arts, and travel.  His desire and will to have big dreams was infectious to everyone around him.

Zuromski shared mutual sentiments by saying even when his cancer diagnosis he kept dreaming of big things. While in the ICU he bought a house because he was always working no matter what. He was happy when other people were. While at his parties, he would sit back and look to see if everybody was happy. If they were, he was content and that continued to drive him to work harder.

They also said Harris was an icon for the LGBT community, and it was not just about his club. They said Harris created multiple safe places. In a time when it may not have been safe to come out as being openly lesbian or gay, Harris created places where the community could gather and not worry about being attacked or discriminated against.

Written By Barbara Sobel
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


NBC News 10: Chris Harris, co-owner of Club Ego in Providence, dies at 51

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