Amazon Reconsidering Long Island City, New York Headquarters

AmazonFollowing opposition from politicians and the public, Amazon is reconsidering building a new facility in New York which would bring over 25,000 jobs to the community.

In Nov. 2018, Amazon chose Long Island City in New York and National Landing in Virginia to build two new East Coast Headquarters. The New York announcement was met with immediate resistance and protests from residents and officials who feared Amazon would push up prices and take over the neighborhood.

Amazon had not leased space in Long Island City and had not started to build, which is not expected to begin until 2020. Citigroup announced in November they would relocate their over 1,000 employees from its Queens office to accommodate Amazon.

Amazon is also making Nashville, Tenessee its East Coast operations hub which will create 5,000 jobs. Tenessee official welcomed the plan and approved $15.2 million in sewer, road, and other improvements ahead of the project beginning. On Feb. 5, 2019, Gov. Ralph Northam (D) from Virginia signed into law authorizing $750 million in state subsidies for Amazon’s headquarters.

A source reports that it may not be worth Amazon’s time to move to New York when the politicians and public seem to not want the company there, especially with how welcoming the people of Nashville and Virginia have been.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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