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Michael Buble’s Dallas Concert Offered Humor and Music – Review


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Michael Buble is currently on tour in North America and on March 25, 2019, he made a stop in Dallas, Texas. While no two concerts are alike, an “Evening with Michael Buble” was a unique mix of introspective moments, humor, and music.

Sometimes when a musician goes on tour, fans find themselves disappointed by the performances. However, in this case there was no disappointment, instead this was a chance to prove once and for all that Buble is a legendary singer, with a voice that makes him feel like a modern Bobby Darin or Dean Martin or even a Frank Sinatra.

During the concert, Michael Buble gave the audience exactly what they wanted – a mix of his classic hits and a few of his newer songs as well. Of course, he also did covers, which certainly makes sense since those songs appear sprinkled throughout his albums. All together audiences were treated to the perfect blend of music to keep everyone happy and entertained.

Among the songs that Michael Buble’s setlist contained were hits like, “Home,” “Haven’t Met You Yet,” “When I Fall in Love,” and “My Funny Valentine.” His concert kicked off with the perfect song, “Feeling Good,” which was enough to give people chills, as it showcased the power and vibrato in Buble’s voice. From there, the singer took the time to share a few anecdotes of his time in Dallas, which included an attempt at a family dinner in Uptown (the restaurant apparently turned them away because it was not child friendly).

Michael Buble also offered up a few humorous stories and jokes, which helped to give the concert a more intimate feel. Although the American Airline Center might seat thousands of people, listening to the singer share his stories made one forget that they were surrounded by so many strangers. Michael Buble interspersed his songs with not just these stories, but also moments in which he allowed others to shine as well.

At one point, a member of the audience was handed the microphone and allowed to sing (she killed it), and then one of the members of the band got the chance to sing as well. It was these moments that made Michael Buble’s concert more than just a showcase of his talents. This was a chance to see just how down to Earth he is as well.

As many fans might be aware, Michael Buble’s family has had their fair share of worry after his son was diagnosed with cancer. While the singer did not mention this directly, he does touch on what his family went through, and thanked his fans for being their for him. This moment helped to bring the concert full circle, and while this was not how he ended the show, it certainly helped to wind things down.

Of course, the last song of the night was not the actual end of the concert, as Michael Buble stepped out for an encore that included three songs, including two that were perhaps the most powerful of the night. If some of the opening numbers were good, these encore songs were even better. In fact, Michael Buble’s voice was enough to give a person chills in the very best way.

Sometimes the artists people love disappoint their fans when they perform live. However, in this case, Michael Buble was able to prove that his voice is a powerful instrument with the ability to bring a person to tears.

Written and edited by Kimberley Spinney


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