Regina Hall and Mom Smoked Pot Bought for Dog Which Sent Them to Hospital

HallIn an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on March 26, 2019, 48-year-old Regina Hall best known for her role in “Scary Movie” told a story about her marijuana use with her mother which sent them to the hospital.

In July 2017 when Hall was on the show promoting her movie “Girls Trip,” she told him how she was marijuana oil to give to her dog Zeus who was suffering from a tumor.  She also stated she gave the dog the oil five times a day.

In the most recent interview, Kimmel asked how her dog was.  She told the talk show host that the dog has since died. Kimmel continued by asking the actress what she did with the marijuana. She responded that she found the marijuana oil after Zeus died, adding the cannabis was of high quality and when it is that good you do not throw it into the garbage.

Hall said that she could not sleep after the death of her beloved dog. Her mother visited to check in with her because she was so traumatized.  Hall also mentioned that her mother has Arthritis so she gave her a little marijuana and she also took some.

Hall’s mother Ruby pressured her to give her some more.

After Hall agreed, when she went to check on her mother the two thought she had a stroke because she could not move her mouth. Hall said she immediately called 911 to get an ambulance and was brought to the hospital.

Hall called a friend while at the hospital, and her friend told her that she thought she was high. The hospital performed an MRI and blood tests which were all negative. Hall said she told the doctor about the marijuana oil, and the doctor was not pleased.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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