Shane Rimmer King of the Cult Television Shows and Major Films Dies at 89

According to the official Gerry Anderson Website, Shane Rimmer, who provided the voice on Scott Tracy in “Thunderbirds” died on March 29, 2019. The cause of death was not revealed. His wife Sheila verified the news and said he died at home.

Born in 1929 in Toronto Canada, he moved in the 1950s to the United Kingdom.

He started his work in cabaret, and between 1964 and 1966 he voiced the pilot for 32 episodes of “Thunderbirds” which became one of his signature roles.

Rimmer also voiced other projects from Gerry Anderson such as “Captain Scarlet,” “Joe 90,” and “Mysterons.” He also appeared in the Sylvia Anderson live project “UFO.” Rimmer also wrote episodes of “The Secret Service,” “The Protectors,” “Joe 90,” and “Captain Scarlet.”

The actor appeared in more than 100 movies such as “Gandhi,” “Dr. Strangelove,” “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.” And “Out Of Africa.”

Rimmer was in three different James Bond films, playing three different roles. He appeared in “You Only Live Twice,” The Spy Who Loved Me,” and “Diamonds Are Forever.” The actor appeared in more James Bond movies than any actor or actress apart from those who had recurring characters.

The actor also appeared in “Coronation Street,” and “Casualty,” and was cast regularly in fantasy and science fiction projects such as “The Gunfighters” and “Doctor Who.”

Rimmer is survived by his wife Sheila with who he had a 55-year marriage, sons, and grandchildren.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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