ICE Says Abel Reyes-Clemente Died in Immigration Center With Flu Symptoms

Immigration officials said on April 5, 2019, that a Mexican Man came into an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center. He appeared to have symptoms of the flu and died.

Officials released a press release saying that 54-year-old Abel Reyes-Clemente was treated for flu symptoms at the Florence Service Processing Center located in Arizona. Two days after he received treatment, he died.

Reyes-Clemente has been in the custody of ICE since late February after he was released from jail in Phoenix after serving time for a DUI, which is a misdemeanor.

Officials say he is the fourth individual since Oct. 1, 2018, to die while in the custody of ICE.

On April 1, Reyes-Clemente was put under medical observation. It is reported on April 19, personnel at the facility found him not breathing and unresponsive.

ICE medical staff and EMS administered medical treatment to revive him. However, he was pronounced dead at Mountain Vista Medical Center.

Officials say they will have to wait to find out the exact reason Reyes-Clemente died after an autopsy is completed.

The agency released a statement saying:

All ICE detainees receive a screening for mental health, dental and medical services with 12 hours of their arrival at a detention center.

A full medical examination is completed within 14 days, and individuals have access to medical treatment daily and emergency care 24-hours a day.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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