Eve Gomez Is a Mother, Humanitarian, and Helper


Eve Gomez is a resourceful 50-year-old Mexican mother of two who does countless activities for her community. Born a twin to her brother Adam, she is one of eight children and the next to youngest sibling. She moved from Mexico to Gary, Indiana when her father received a job offer to work at the mill. There, they bought a house that was mere minutes from where her father worked, and Gomez says she considered herself blessed.

In 1993, Gomez married Miguel Villalobos and moved to Illinois with him. In 1994, she did heavy humanitarian work, which she says was “second nature to [her] because [she] liked helping people.” Years later, now divorced from Villalobos, Gomez has kept the same fervor and drive as she had decades ago. She is now not only a humanitarian, but an advocate, translator, counselor, minister, mentor, entrepreneur, and on-air personality.

Gomez works for a non-profit organization called SAFE, a coalition for human rights. She specializes in mentoring survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. She advocates for children, specifically those in Mexican and Latino schools, teaching them that they have a voice, something she says she had to realize on her own when she was young.

Gomez says that she works with the parents of the children who are being treated unfairly. However, some schools do not want people to know how to go about keeping their children out of trouble, in turn she guides the parents in the right direction to ask the necessary questions to their school board in order to receive justice for their children.

In addition to being a hands on helper, Gomez is also an interpreter/translator. She travels, sometimes for hours, to appear in courtrooms and other places to translate people’s words from Spanish to English. She says that this can sometimes be hard because some cases can be very heart-wrenching, and she has to avoid emotionally breaking down of her own accord. Gomez added that though she can not break down as “Eve Gomez,” she has to portray all the feelings and emotions of the people she is translating for, all without crying.

Aside from just aiding people in their everyday lives, Gomez also entertains as an on-air radio personality. She began this portion of her career nine years ago when three attorneys lost their female co-host on their show, “The Advocates.” Being that Gomez is exactly that, an advocate, the attorneys saw fit to invite her on the show. However, the trio became extremely busy and each left the show, abandoning Eve.

After the attorneys left, Gomez changed the show to “All About You With E.V.E.,” but the owners soon came and changed the title to “Sound Off With E.V.E.” They followed the title change with a change of content, making the show all news. Gomez says she did not mind doing the weather or traffic reports but the news itself was all bad, and she left, not wanting to be affiliated with it. Now she co-hosts with Juan Andrade on a three hour radio show called “Nuestra Comunidad” that airs on Fridays and Saturdays.

Gomez considers herself to be a woman of God with a strong sense of faith. She is an elder in her church, an ordained minister, and a marriage counselor. She has multiple spiritual children who look up to her and shadow her in her work. As a part of her ministry work, Gomez visits women’s penitentiaries to do revival work. In her last visit, she says “100 women gave their lives over to Christ.” Gomez says that she plans to visit another prison in July to let women know that even though it looks rough now, there is still hope.

Gomez says that for all the work she has done, she has received awards, but she does not do it for the accolades. She says she does it because she loves “to see people unite, and [she] knows it is the right thing to do.”  She states that she would like to bridge the gap between Illinois and Indiana, (where she normally travels between) and see more people work together.

Gomez says that she knows that there are a lot of things in store for her future, including being on television. However, she says that she only wants “whatever the Lord has for her.”

Interview by Trinity Oglesby. Edited by Kimberley Spinney


Interview With Eve Gomez May 19, 2019

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