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Madonna Posts Altered Vocals Thinking Fans Are Stupid and Would Not Notice [Video]


MadonnaAfter getting disastrous reviews of her Eurovision finale performance, in which she earned $1M on May 18, 2019, Madonna posted online an edited version of her performance where she erased all of her vocal issues, thinking people would not notice.

However, people did notice the difference and did not remain quiet.

Madonna took the stage at the contest after a great deal of controversy. LGBT and Human Rights groups asked her not to perform, and a contract was not signed. The reviews for the Material Girl were not favorable.

The Guardian wrote that Madonna’s vocals were extremely pitchy, and her second song “Future” which is off of her new album was lackluster.

Reuters staff writer Luke Baker said that Madonna sang off-key and was a poor performer.

The Telegraph added that Madonna was silly, baffling, and a mood killer.

While Madonna was performing, the commentator for the BBC, Graham Norton, stated that the audience’s response to Madonna’s performance was muted.

When her performance was completed, the actual live broadcast did not have nice things to say. The Netherlands representative said, “I am so thankful for this evening, and the auto-tune of Madonna’s vocals.”

On May 19, 2019, Madonna posted on her YouTube channel a video of her nearly ten-minute performance. In the clip uploaded by the Material Girl, her vocals were noticeably different for the original performance.

People did notice and commented.

Orit BC said: “Really Madonna? How low can you get? You always say to be truthful and be true to one’s self. Be an example, and upload your REAL performance. I was disappointed when I heard you, and now I am even more disappointed in you for your “video shopping.” I am now thinking about selling my ticket to your concert.”

SuperUToobFan said: “Gurl What? Your vocals have been altered. We watched this live, and you did not sound like this.”

CatsMeowPaw said: “This is not your you sounded on the broadcast. Like a Prayer was off pitch and you could not hit high notes.

jajcbay said: “The original was too embarrassing for Madonna to upload.”

W H Fitzgerald said: “This is not the appalling bad vocals that we heard on Saturday Night.”

Here’s Till said: “That is not the vocals she sang during the show. I can tell the difference. My ears did not bleed when I heard them.”

Melissaab said: “Please give the man back his money who hired you. Do the right thing.”

David Kent said: “First there is fake news. Now we all have to deal with fake singers.”

Amazinggirl said: “This is edited which is why they did not put it up immediately. I also think they will turn off the ability to comment soon.”

DetKoldeVenstreben said: “This is clearly a version that has been edited. She sounded like a cat being tortured in the live version.”

vienna theatre project said: “Madonna did not sound like this. She was flat and her costume was terrible.”

The UK publication Metro took to Twitter and tweeted “Madonna edited her Eurovision vocals before uploading it is low-key iconic.”

Original Version

Altered Version

Written by Barbara Sobel


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