Coca-Cola’s New Flavor Was Released in Limited Locations and Is Still Hard to Find

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When it comes to delivering innovative flavor concepts, Coca-Cola knows how to treat their customers right. From Vanilla to Cherry, there are a number of additional flavors that the company incorporates into their standard Coke in order to give customers a variety of options.

Now, the latest flavor Coca-Cola is introducing to the world is their new Apple flavor Coke, which was recently released in Japan and Hong Kong. This limited release has been the talk of Instagram since it was first revealed and while there is certainly some excitement over this surprising flavor combination, according to Fox News, it seems that this new Coca-Cola flavor is actually rather hard to find.

Apparently the demand for the new Apple flavor is so high that in some cases, customers are going to multiple stores and finding nothing. One customer on Instagram shared that on the day it was released, they went to six different stores and were only able to find two bottles of the new Apple Coca-Cola.

While they may have only been able to find two bottles of the new flavor, they did share their thoughts on the Apple Coca-Cola, saying that it did not have an artificial flavor to is, which is always important. They explained that the flavor is, “quite light but the flavor is amazing. It tastes like a bit of apple juice is mixed in with the classic Coca-Cola formula.” Another person who tried the drink in Japan described it as “surprisingly refreshing.”

Overall, the reviews of the Apple Coca-Cola are definitely positive, even as it seems customers are struggling to get their hands on the new flavor. While this flavor has not been released in other countries, there is some hope that its success overseas will potentially lead to a domestic release as well.

Written by Kimberley Spinney


Fox News – Coca-Cola’s surprising new flavor is ‘super difficult to track down’

Image Credit – Jacqui Brown’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License