Saudi Arabia and an Attack on Its Oil Fields

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Saudi Arabia

United States President Donald J. Trump stated on Monday, Sep. 16, 2019 that it looks like Iran constructed the attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. However, it is far too early to issue a definite statement.

He then stated that he is not intending to engage in a conflict. However, at times some people have to. In the Oval Office, Trump said that it appears that Iran is responsible for the attack in Saudi Arabia.

However, the presidential administration will inform CNN if the Mullahs of Iran were responsible. Also, the matter is being analyzed at the current moment.

The commander-in-chief stated that he does not want war with Iran. Although, the U.S. has the finest armory, especially missiles and fighter jets.

Trump said that the land of the free is more ready for conflict than at any time in U.S. history. However, the executive branch would like to avoid it.

The leader of the free world specified that the Saudi government might have to pay if the U.S. military launches into action. Saudi Arabia will be very much involved if the U.S. is to become involved in the Mid-Eastern political conflict.

Also, the president stated that the path in the region has not been exhausted, leaving the clear option of diplomacy with Iran.

The Potential Peace Treaty With Iran

Trump said that political conflicts are never exhausted. No one involved with the crisis will know what will happen. Although, if Iran wants to make a deal with Saudi Arabia it will work out.

CNN asked the head of state if he promised Saudi Arabia that he will defend their nation. He responded that he never promised to protect Saudi Arabia. Trump reported that his administration has to sit down with the Saudi government and work something out.

Brian Hook is the Trump administration’s special representative for Iran. An anonymous source reported to CNN that Hook held a telephone call with Capitol Hill staff members to discuss the attacks. The mysteriously unnamed sources were familiar with the call.

Michael Wirth, who is the Chevron CEO, stated that the attacks against Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities are a wake-up call. There are a lot of dangers in the global oil market.

Chevron and other energy stocks surged after a drone attack obliterated approximately 50 percent of Saudi Arabia’s oil production markets.   Wirth reported at CNBC’s closing bell that the markets potentially grew too content with jeopardies that were far too dangerous.

The attack hit the epicenter of Saudi Arabia’s oil industry. It forced the Mid-Eastern kingdom to reduce the oil output in half. CNBC reported that the news of the attack sent oil prices soaring. It was the highest percentage gains in the history of the industry.

Wirth said that the risks are a crucial element of the oil industry. No one can ever know when a catastrophe will occur. However, crude markets always have to be prepared.

The New York Times reported that Iran might have attacked Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities. A proxy faction of Iran could have attacked the Saudis, as well.

By John A. Federico


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