Kim Jung Un Is on Hiatus

Kim Jung Un

South Korea reported that North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un is alive and well. Also, South Korea reported the information to CNN.

South Korean Leading Foreign Policy Advisor Moon Chung-in reported that the South Korean government’s position is firm. Additionally, Kim has been visiting the Wonsan area since April 13, 2020. In conclusion, the authorities have not detected any suspicious movements.

Inquires, in Asia, were asserted after Kim did not attend his grandfather’s birthday. Also, the deceased leader’s birthday was on April 15. Moreover, North Korean State Media outlet KCNA reported that the North Korean far leftwing dictator was seen four days earlier at a politburo meeting.

A masked United States official stated that federal intelligence determined that Kim is in serious danger after his surgery. Meanwhile, Washington is monitoring the intelligence. Another ambiguous U.S. Federal government official said that apprehensions about the N. Korean leader’s health are trustworthy. However, the second Washington official said to CNN that how severe his health problems are is difficult to determine. Additionally, CNN reported the information on Monday, April 27 from another unnamed source.

Wherabouts of North Korean Surpreme Leader Kim

Daily NK is a South Korean Online newspaper that follows the nation’s hostile northern neighbor. Reportedly, the online news publication reported that the N.Korean president received a coronavirus procedure because he works, eats, and smokes to an excess.

In addition, Daily NK reported that the patient is currently receiving treatment in a Hyangsan, County villa. The county is located in the North Pyongan province in the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea.

On April 19, 2020, the majority of his medical team returned to their nation’s capital in Pyongyang after they assured that their leader’s state of health had improved. However, CNN is not able to self-reliantly check the stated information from Daily NK.

The BBC reported that the Kim dynasty has been in control of the nation after Kim Ill-Sung became the head of North Korea in 1948.  However, the mythical allure of Kim’s oligarchy is in every aspect of the nation’s society.

Preschoolers in the authoritarian nation sing songs praising N. Korean Supreme Leader Kim. The BBC then reported that the Kim dynasty’s propaganda begins close to birth in Communist North Korea.

In addition, the BBC reported that the West can not predict the elites in the society, or the society itself, will organize itself without a heartless tyrant at the top. Moreover, the people of N. Korea do not know what their minus Kim dynasty nation would look like either, because that family has ruled the nation since 1948.

The New York Post reported that the intelligent chief in Taiwan stated that Kim is sick on Thursday, April 31.  Also, the news outlet’s unnamed sources reported that the far-left wing state has a plan in place to avoid internal political conflict.

By John A. Federico
Edited by Jeanette Vietti

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Featured Image Courtesy of David Stanley’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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