India Hits Record COVID Cases Edging Out US

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India’s health agency reported a one-day record number of new COVID-19 cases on Aug. 30, 2020. The nation surpassed the United States’ record; 78,761 and 75,834 respectively.

BBC reports the increase occurs at the same time as restrictions are being lifted. The government’s intent is to boost the economy and regain the millions of jobs India lost when the coronavirus hit in March.

The nation’s rural areas are experiencing a disturbing uptick in COVID-19 cases. This is a major concern for authorities. Manoj Kumar, a cardiologist explains the largest one-day surge occurred for one reason — the pandemic is spreading into rural areas.

India seemed to be handling the coronavirus is the early weeks of the pandemic. Perhaps their low infection rate was due to the government imposing a strict lockdown. However, the case numbers began to climb in April once COIVD-19 hit large cities, the infection rate grew.

Statistics show there was a steady increase in India’s cases from 26 on March 15 to 8,380 on May 31. Then there was a significant climb throughout June until August 2, when the numbers ebbed and flowed greatly. In fact, the differences could create a false sense the virus was conquered in India.

Dr. Rajiv Parekh, a vascular surgeon at Medanta Hospital, talked with Reuters why he thinks today’s significant increase happened:

People thought that once the numbers started to go down, this was it, they had won the war…everybody was other there without wearing a mask, without any social distancing. That is something that we not have allowed to have happened.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not mention the significant jump in COIVD-19 cases during his monthly radio address. Instead, he requested citizens observe the rules and remain united. Modi said it is important for everyone to be healthy and happy.

He added, “Corona can only be defeated when you remain safe when you fulfill the resolve of keeping a safe distance of two meters and wearing masks.”

Written By Cathy Milne-Ware


BBC: Coronavirus: India surpasses US for highest single-day rise in Covid-19 cases

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