Kamala Harris Joins the Biden Ticket

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HarrisPresumptive Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden announced his decision for the U.S. Vice Presidential candidate on Aug. 11, 2020 — Senator Kamala Harris.  Democrats have anxiously awaited his decision. Some thought he would wait until he accepted the nomination during the DNC convention; August 17-20.

If elected, she will be the first woman vice president. She is young enough to ease any voters’ concerns about Biden’s age. Moreover, Harris is an experienced politician — unlike Mike Pence.

Contrary to President Trump’s rhetoric,  Biden’s ticket mate is an American citizen. Harris was born in Oakland, California to immigrant parents on Oct. 20, 1964. Before Biden made his announcement Trump tweeted that choosing a woman as a vice presidential candidate was an insult to all men. Unfortunately for the president’s sensitivities, not only is Harris a woman, but she is Black and the child of immigrants.

Twitter is abuzz with excitement over Biden’s choice, its users are praising her public service experience and promises to vote for the history-making presidential ticket.

HarrisCecile Richards’ post exclaimed, “History made!! As we get ready for the fight ahead let’s take a moment to celebrate and appreciate that a Black woman could have a seat at the most powerful table in America.”

Thousands are looking forward to the Vice Presidential debates. They are exclaiming they cannot wait to see her “wipe clean the stage with Pence.” #BidenHarris and #BidenHarris2020 are trending.

Not everyone was delighted with the news. Scott Dworkin mentioned that Donald Trump quickly ended his “propaganda party” when he heard who Biden selected as a running mate. “You can tell he didn’t want Senator Kamala Harris to be on the ticket. He looked shook.”

Ted Deutch tweeted:

I’ve worked with @KamalaHarris on bills to strengthen our public defender system. I’ve seen her leadership on gun violence prevention & LGBTQ equality. I share her commitment to strengthening the US-Israel relationship. I’m all in for President @JoeBiden & VP Harris

Harris’ Resume

During her presidential campaign, Harris performed well. On the debate stage, she expressed herself and clearly expressed her point of view. She is certain to use that skill on the VP debate circuit.

Her public service resume is impressive. After earning the bar in 1990, she took a job with the Alameda County prosecutors office. The position was an assistant district with a focus on sex crimes. Then in 1995, she was appointed to the California Unemployment Insurance Insurance Appeals Board and the Medical Assistance Commission.

In early 2000 she was recruited by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office. During her tenure, “Harris cracked down on teenage prostitution in the city, reorienting law enforcement’s approach to focus on the girls as victims rather than as criminals selling sex,” according to Politico.

She ran for district attorney in 2003. Harris won and became the first Black woman in California to hold that post. By 2006, she boasted a conviction rate increase — 52 to 67 percent.  She served two terms.

The position she held before becoming a Senator was the California Attorney General. As a freshman U.S. Senator, Harris’ start was typical in that it took her some time to “get her footing,” explains Roger Salazar, a Democratic strategist from California. He added, she learned from experience while on the campaign trail. “Good leaders focus on the issues that are in front of them — and she’s a quick study.”

“Kamala’s mother told her growing up ‘Don’t sit around and complain about things, do something,’ which is what drives Kamala every single day,” according to the Biden|Harris website.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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