America Hopeful or Cautious of President Joe Biden? Part 1 [Video]



President Joe Biden has finally been inaugurated in his office Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021. But should Americans be hopeful or cautious?

America Hopeful or Cautious

The country has endured four years of Donald Trump’s version of a great America, but what should be expected of President Biden? The president’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, sent out a memo Saturday that renewed the president’s intention to follow through with his campaign promises.

The main three areas that he will focus on are ending the coronavirus pandemic, reversing Trump’s actions in the last four years, and addressing problems that have remained over several administrations.


A few of the highlights that Biden will initiate around the COVID-19 pandemic are to create a mask mandate on federal property and inter-state travel.

He wants to continue a nationwide constraint on home evictions and foreclosures and delay student loans payment.

But most of all, President Biden wants to push the passage of a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief legislative package.

Reversing Trumps Actions

Reversing Trump’s negative action, The President plans to rejoin the Paris climate agreement and end the Muslim travel ban.

AMERICA President Biden’s Day One Promises

Rejoining the World Health Organization and sending a bill to Congress for legislative immigration reform giving 11 million undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship. Biden will sign an executive order creating a plan to achieve a 100 percent clean energy economy and net-zero emissions by 2050.

President Biden will restore Obama’s mandate for transgender students in school, protecting transgender students’ access to sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms in line with their gender identity, and repeal the transgender military ban enacted by Trump.

The Old America vs. The New America

It is clear that America is not only divided by race and ethnicity, but it is also divided by moral and ethical beliefs. Removing Donald Trump from office did not remove the thousands and even millions of  White Anglo-Saxton Prodistant Americans who take offense to America’s so-called progressive new age immoral vision.

There has been an unpublicized civil war in America that must finally be brought to the surface. Who are the White Anglo-Saxton Protestants? And what role do they play in American history?

AMERICAOld America – White Anglo-Saxton Protestants

Since the civil war, the White Anglo Saxton Protestants were and still are the majority resident voters of the red southern states. Simultaneously, the blue northern states were occupied by liberal Caucasians who were believed to be under Jewish influence.

To be liberal meant to be willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own and being open to new ideas. This liberal mindset went totally against the steadfast White Anglo Saxton Protestant’s set ways of thinking.

The White Anglo Saxton Protestants are people that belong to a white upper-middle-class northern European Protestant group. This group has been known to dominate economic, political, and cultural activities. These white Protestants are members of the Western Christian churches that broke away from the Roman Catholic Church. They follow the principles of the Reformation.


During the 16th-century in northern Europe, reformers like Martin Luther and John Calvin questioned the Catholic Church’s authority to define Christian practice. They, the White Anglo Saxton Protestants, were arguing for religious and political redistribution of power.

The Reformation’s basic idea was a call to absolve the church and believe that the Bible, not tradition, should be the sole source of spiritual authority.

WASPs migrated from parts of Britain, Ireland, Germany, and Scandinavia to America during the 17th and early 18th centuries. They were often referred to as the Old Immigrants, better known as the Pilgrims. They brought their concepts and beliefs to settling up their 13-colonies and decimating the Native Americans in the process.

AMERICANew America – Eastern European Jews and Catholic Immigrants

Eastern European Jews and Catholics began to immigrate to the United States in large numbers after 1880. They were being pushed out of Europe because of overpopulation, poverty, and oppressive legislation. The Jews and Catholics believed in the prospect of financial and social advancement that could be achieved here.

The majority of the Jews that came over were merchants who established businesses and homes in the American colonial ports. As crude businessmen, they slowly began to implant themselves into the economic foundation of the colonies.

To be clear, the rule and control of economics were and still are in those Jewish merchants’ hands through generational wealth being passed down. Those merchants today are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and major broadcasting networks.

Now, where does President Joe Biden fit within these two Americas? Old America or New America?

Opinion by Omari Jahi


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