Ja’Mal Green Empowers Inner-City Residents With Home Ownership

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GreenJa’Mal Green is helping inner-city residents become homeowners. He recently became President of a multi-million-dollar program to help increase homeownership for lower-income families. Green calls the “My Turn to Own” initiative a revolutionary national movement. In this program, no one gets turned down, regardless of income ranking or credit rating. The organization works with banking partners from across the country to walk future homeowners through the buying process and find the right fit for financing their own homes.

According to Facebook, the Chicago native’s activism efforts have reached national and international audiences. Having grown up in the inner-city, Green has experienced the effects of poverty and gun violence firsthand. As such, he brings a unique perspective to issues such as race relations, economics, and the current state of political justice in America.

Green has long been active in empowering his community. He is now stretching his hand further to help inner-city dwellers obtain homeownership. The nationwide initiative aims to create a win-win situation, putting people in homes, lowering crime, and creating a tax base that will benefit the state. According to Green:

If cities want to rebuild and revitalize declining neighborhoods, increasing homeownership is an integral step.

The “My Turn to Own” venture is another opportunity for Green to impact the community. With a heart for the community, he started his first youth organization at age 15. He has worked tirelessly as a community organizer and motivational speaker, mentoring at-risk youth, and implementing programs and policies to help reduce gun violence, while also serving as a conduit between law enforcement, politicians, and the community at large.

As a premier voice at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement, Green was handpicked by Bernie Sanders to serve as his official surrogate during the senator’s groundbreaking 2016 campaign, where the young activist electrified crowds of thousands with his rousing introductions. He is also a frequent panelist on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, ABC, CBS, and BBC, and has amassed thousands of followers through his growing social media network. In 2018, the entrepreneur realized a lifelong dream, when he and his team started Majostee Allstars. This urban youth center empowers underprivileged youth and encourages self-improvement through training, mentoring, and guidance.

As a father, entrepreneur, civil rights advocate, mentor, and community organizer, Ja’Mal Green is constantly looking to uplift and invest in his community. The activist is now the president of a multi-million-dollar program that will help inner-city residents become homeowners.

By Cherese Jackson


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