White Domestic Terrorists Are America’s Greatest Danger

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Courtesy of Robert Thivierge (Flickr CC0)

When FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before Congress about the January 6th failed coup attempt, he said: “As citizens, in a sense, we’re all victims of the January 6 assault.”

Twitter contributors chimed in, taking liberties with his exact words, but accurately described the greatest evil in America. Here is one example.

At today’s hearing about Jan 6th, FBI Director Wray stated very clearly that white supremacy is the biggest terrorist threat in the country. He said white supremacy is a ‘persistent, evolving threat’ and the ‘biggest chunk’ of racially motivated violent extremism in the U.S.

The term Wray used was “domestic terrorism,” but all of these groups promote white supremacy, hatred, and violence.

The sad truth is that if they thought they could have gotten away with it, the insurrectionists on January 6th would have carried military assault rifles. These weapons of mass destruction replace their failures as men. Moreover, they are the tools of those who would violently overthrow the democratically elected government.

This brings the topic to the Kyle Rittenhouse fiasco. Exonerating him of two murders, and injuring another man, two of whom were unarmed, is a travesty and more proof that the nation’s entire justice system has failed the majority.

However, there is one issue related to these murders not discussed by the television media.

This incident should never have happened if the Kenosha Police Department had performed the job for which they are paid. A curfew was imposed but not enforced. The truth is that some cops were witnessed bringing bottles of water to the neo-Nazis gathered in the streets.

Courtesy of Gilbert Mercier (Flickr CC0)

On January 6, multiple traitors who stormed the Capitol Building were current or former members of law enforcement and the military. And some ask why most Americans no longer trust those in authority. They no longer serve and protect.

America is broken. Far too many men and women continue to reject the Constitution and support an obese malignant narcissist who would become our nation’s first fascist dictator.

Black Americans have known that there have been two Americas for generations; one for Blacks and one for whites.

Trump’s America is divided between those who love the nation founded by the country’s forefathers in 1776 and confirmed during the Constitutional Convention between 1787 and 1789, and those who would shred the Constitution, expel all men, women, and children of color, punish the poor, but women “in their place,” and follow the lead of King George III and establish a single religion as our national religion, ignoring the first amendment rights of one-half of all Americans who worship in religious organizations other than Christianity, or reject religions in their entirety.

The truth is that not since the Civil War have the nation’s people been at war with each other. But, they are now, and it is undeniable.

Some Americans continue to deny the allegations that Trump and Putin planned the success of winning the 2016 election in Moscow in 2013. However, Putin’s goal has always been to destroy the United States of America with a two-pronged approach that would not result in a nuclear war. First, make enemies of our allies and destroy NATO. Second, divide the American people and end their democratic government. He temporarily succeeded, and if Trump had been reelected, he would have had complete success.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Robert Thivierge’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image Courtesy of Gilbert Mercier’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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