Jan 6th Was a Failed Coup Attempt Set in Motion by Trump and Putin

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During their meetings in Moscow, Donald Trump and Vladamir Putin completed their plans to destroy NATO and America’s Alliance with North Korea. As a high-ranking member of the KGB, Putin’s goal has been to destroy the United States of America. Knowing that a nuclear confrontation between the two superpowers was futile, he decided to destroy the U.S. from within. His ambitions never changed; only his strategy was altered.

First, he sought to divide the nation irrevocably. Second, and possibly of more importance, Putin sought the end of NATO, which would isolate America from the rest of the free world. Third, the alliance with South Korea must be broken.

Trump’s close relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un offered him an asset who was developing nuclear weapons. If Trump had possessed even average intelligence, he would have accomplished Putin’s plans for the end of America. However, his ego and inability to gain support from most of our country’s people foiled Putin’s ambitions. But it is not over.

Courtesy of Elvert Barnes (Flickr CC0)

Putin and Trump began forming their alliance of evil in 1987 when Trump and his then-wife, Ivana, made their first visit to Moscow at the invitation of the KGB. Putin’s position in the spy organization guarantees at least one meeting between him and his protégé during that event.

Russia’s leader’s efforts to help Trump in 2016 succeeded in winning the Electoral College in that election. Still, they failed in 2020 as voters cast their ballots in record numbers to place an American in the White House. So only one hope remained for the disgusting duo, a coup.

Trump’s closest advisers held several meetings at the Willard Hotel in D.C. to plan the failed insurrection. In addition, documents reveal that Trump was in constant phone contact with his “Nazi lieutenants,” and was fully involved in the treasonous events on Jan. 6, 2021.

Yes, a sitting president was actively planning the overthrow of the country he promised to “preserve, protect, and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” It is a crime punishable by death, and Trump should not be exempt from this justifiable outcome because he is an obese, unhealthy, and mentally deficient old man.

One of Trump’s closest aides, who attended the infamous meetings, revealed the details to The Daily Beast: “In his recently published memoir, Peter Navarro, then-President Donald Trump’s trade adviser, details how he stayed in close contact with Bannon as they put the Green Bay Sweep in motion with help from members of Congress loyal to the cause.”

Courtesy of United States Mission Geneva (Flickr CC0)

What is most frightening is the fact that Trump’s neo-Nazi supporters were not needed. More than 100 members of Congress, loyal to Trump and not the United States, were inside the Capitol Building, ready to end once and for all the country’s democratically elected government.

“We spent a lot of time lining up over 100 Congressmen, including some senators. It started out perfectly. At 1 p.m., Gosar and Cruz did exactly what was expected of them,” Navarro told The Daily Beast. “It was a perfect plan. And it all predicated on peace and calm on Capitol Hill. We didn’t even need any protestors, because we had over 100 Congressmen committed to it.”

It is very upsetting to learn that the illegitimate president and his cronies were ready to put into place a fascist government to protect the plutocracy they had created. Furthermore, it is revolting to know that Ted Cruz, Paul Gosar, and others elected by American voters hate the United States and continue to violate their oaths of office. This is treason in its purest form.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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