Donald Trump Escalates his Support for Vladimir Putin’s Genocide in Ukraine

Putin, TRump
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Like a good little soldier,  Donald Trump continues to support his mentor, although Vladimir Putin continues to murder innocent men, women, and children in an act of genocide. Ninety-nine percent of the world’s people condemn Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, but Trump continues to offer praise for Putin’s attempt to “make his country larger.”

Trump was interviewed by Fox’s fake journalist, Jeanine Pirro on Sunday. When the loud-mouthed fake judge asked him about Putin’s reason for invading Ukraine, the orange buffoon actually answered correctly. He said that Putin is attempting to reunite the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the USSR. However, his explanation revealed the ramblings of an old man who is losing what little intellect he once possessed.

You say, what’s the purpose of this? They had a country. You could see it was a country where there was a lot of love and we’re doing it because, you know, somebody wants to make his country larger or he wants to put it back the way it was when actually it didn’t work very well, Trump said.

Trump is undoubtedly jealous of Putin. Over the last 47 years, Putin has taken complete control of Russia. Following the actions of Adolf Hitler in 1930’s Germany, the Parliament answers to him. The military responds to his every whim. There is no source of information other than what is allowed by Putin. He is a dictator who is more powerful than any other since the murderous villain who started WWII.

Trump attempted to become America’s first autocratic ruler, and his party made every effort possible to help him achieve his goal. He remains the leader of the once Grand Old Party, but his grip on the American people is slipping.

It is quite upsetting that far too many ignorant Americans continue to ignore Trump’s many crimes against this nation, and his many failures while pretending to be the president. He has caused more damage to the nation than the Civil War, Pearl Harbor, the attacks on 9/11, and COVID-19. Much of Trump’s harm is irreparable. He changed America in negative ways that will last forever.

Trump, Putin
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For all of this author’s adult life, he has been aware that there are two Americas, one for Blacks and one for whites. Trump is the leader of another America. His people are today’s Nazis who believe in white supremacy, and rule by the few. These traitors would shred the Constitution and enslave anyone who is not pure white, heterosexual, or Christian.

Trump’s presidency confirmed that the government is and will remain dysfunctional for decades unless major changes happen immediately. The majority of the nation’s people will never trust anyone in authority again. They have lied long enough. The division between the super-rich and the working class has become permanent. The working man has been unappreciated for more than 75 years. Capitalism has failed as it always does. It has divided America and only by rebuilding the country to include every man, woman, and child in all 50 states will it remain a credible nation built on equality and freedom for all. The nation’s policy of profit before people must end now.

Putin is one man, one tyrant, and he cannot be allowed to alter the future of the entire planet. Trump and those who support him are unfit to live in a free society, and cannot call themselves “Americans.”

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage
Edited by Jeanette Vietti


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Amaury Laporte’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inline Image Courtesy of Antonio Marin Segovia’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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