A Note to Independents and Democrats: “No More Wusses, It Is Time to Go on the Attack and Take Control of Our Government”

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The good thing about Democrats is that most of the time their policies positively affect all 331 million Americans. The bad thing is their party exists in an atmosphere of passivity instead of aggressive action. The only tactic used by today’s fake Republicans is to attack progressives without cause. However, they offer a united front and millions of uninformed voters believe their lies. If our government is to survive, Democrats must become the “bully on the block.” No more “mister nice guy,” it’s not working.

A coming Supreme Court decision, based solely on the demands of right-wing extremists and the Christian Religious Right, is a “call to arms.” The second Civil War is nearing its decisive battle.

The first step is to follow my promise, “the truth lives here.” Accurately tell the American people who their enemies are and be vicious and determined about defending the truth.

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Begin with being truthful about Donald Trump. No longer refer to him as “president,” because he never was. Nothing he did in four years was “presidential.” In his final two years he failed to lead our nation’s people in the fight against a health emergency, and near the end of his illegitimate term in office organized and executed a failed coup intended to replace democracy with fascism. If the once Grand Old Party had the courage to do the right thing in July of 2016, the least qualified man in history would never have been nominated. He is not an American, and definitely not a Republican or Democrat. He is a fascist.

Moscow Mitch McConnell continues to fail the people of Kentucky and his “do nothing” policy has harmed our country for more than 38 years. This old man of the senate has never placed his country ahead of his party and personal ambitions. Most importantly, he is a hypocrite who lies constantly. The 80-year-old man of the senate abandoned the few principles he once had along with his integrity in November of 2016.

What can I say about Ted Cruz that has not already been said? Although he has never told the truth in his life, everything negative attributed to the worst senator in history, forced upon us by the ignorant voters of Texas, is based on fact. Cruz is an embarrassment to the human race. He has proven over and over again that he will say and do anything until he is residing in our nation’s White House. That will never happen.

“A Trump nomination would be an utter, complete, and total disaster. If you’re a xenophobic, race-baiting, religious bigot, you’re going to have a hard time being president of the United States, and you’re going to do irreparable damage to the party.” Lindsey Graham, 2015

Of, this was prior to the election. On January 20, 2017, Graham turned 180 degrees and literally began worshiping an obese old man who was defined by everything the failed South Carolina senator said about him more than a dozen times. This makes Graham the biggest hypocrite in a party of hypocrites.

These are just three men who claim to be Republicans who are so flawed, that telling the truth about them would destroy their future. So, why aren’t Democrats playing the attack game, and doing it loudly and frequently? All they have to do is tell the truth, the absolute truth. Not one Republican supports the needs and wishes of 331 million Americans. They are the party of special interests. When they lie, and that’s every time they open their mouths, they must be attacked, and attacked viciously.

This is a war, real Americans must win this war. Vote all members of Trump’s party out of office on November 8th and in 2024.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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