What the Health? Humans and Technology Working Together

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The combination of tech engineering with the human body has always been an interesting sight for sore eyes. The idea that people can manage their health wherever they are instead of going to a doctor every so often, those visits have now decreased. In the world today, people have devices such as health monitors which helps one track things like glucose. This technology usually requires needles that come with sensors that check for internal fluids.

In the Daily Beast, Miriam Fauzia talks about a newly invented similar technology from UCSD (University of California San Diego) that can track blood alcohol levels, glucose, and lactate. This is a game-changer even for those into fitness and health. Important benefits to note, this device has the capability of measuring multiple signals and allows users to monitor health and wellness. This technology can be helpful for diabetics to know whether they should have sweets or not. For alcohol drinkers, it helps them know when they are about to go too far, and for physically active individuals it helps with knowing when the muscle will fatigue.

Courtesy of Liz Brooks (Flickr CC0)

“Why is this better than the ones we already have?” Many may ask, well as listed previously it has multiple functions versus the original one most people use today that can only check for glucose. Not to mention that it is not as big as the ones people normally use. Some say it is the size of three-quarters, others say it is about the size of a poker chip. Now. with this, people can add it to their smartphone which is another additional cool function. With so many changes for the better, the world will be caught off guard by this one.

Doctors and other health care physicians are now getting an extra hand in monitoring their patient’s health without the extra wiring that normally happens at a clinic or hospital. Even in the fitness industry, high-caliber athletes could benefit from such technology due to the strenuous exercise that they perform on a daily basis which most times lead to a lactic acid build-up in the bloodstream. Signs usually include cramps muscle fatigue, stomach pain, weakness, and more. Using this device can help one identify their lactate threshold. Many people exercise, however, not many know their limits. So being able to identify when one is reaching the end of the tunnel can prevent the risk of fainting, muscle injury, and so much more. This revolutionary technology, as some may call it, is on its way to breaking new barriers, even ones that people have not seen.

Written by: Paul Ezeanyim
Edited by Jeanette Vietti

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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Alan Levine‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inline Image Courtesy of Liz Brooks‘ Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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