Is It True That Lobbies Are Protected by the First Amendment?

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I have always wondered why lobbies are legal. It makes no sense that individuals representing special interests, mostly billionaires, are allowed to bribe congressman to obtain their votes on issues which frequently harm the majority.

This is an interesting and telling statistic. Nearly one-half of all senators who decide not to run for reelection become lobbyists, and the number in the House is about one-third. Base pay for members of our legislature is $174,000 per year, but with donations from lobbies, and other “incentives,” ninety eight percent of all members of congress become millionaires within two terms. This makes me wonder, “how much does the average lobbyist make?”

According to reported incomes, the average base salary for lobbyists is between $72,000 and $200,000 per year. There are no costly elections to be concerned about, and many other “perks.” There are certainly bonuses when they find a large enough number of legislators to agree to vote in their favor. However, experience pays well. In 2022, the highest paid lobbyist is Akin Gump et al whose company profited $12,460,000 buying votes for its employers. Crime is good business, and I believe that all those in lobbies are criminals.

The Constitution promises “equal protection under the law.” However, I do not have a lobbyist working for me: do you?

Under consideration are two lobbies who control the votes of right-wing politicians on current issues of great social importance. Both the NRA and the Christian Religious Right lobbies are in collusion with right-wing politicians to spread lies, misdirect the facts, and brainwash voters with the intent of winning elections.

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The NRA hides behind the controversial and antiquated second amendment as innocent children continue to be slaughtered. It has become a tool for corporations who manufacture weapons of mass destruction, and the stores who sell them.

The CRR and the Republican Party are in violation of the first amendment every day. They deny the rights of other religions and those of us who choose no religion at all, making women criminals for making decisions about their own reproductive health.

Lobbies have owned at least one-half of the legislative branch for decades, and now they own at least five Supreme Courts Justices, and possibly six. Corruption in Washington has reached a new low. I have many doubts about the possibility of repairing our government. America could be in its final days as the plutocracy gains greater control over our nation’s lack of a future.

Just like the former Republican Party, the United States of America could easily become a nation “in name only.”

The truth about a plutocracy is that is not a sustainable system. It depends on consumerism, and only a fascist government can control the general public. This requires a revolution similar to that of Germany during the era of Adolf Hitler. America is not built that way. We can defeat the right-wing extremists who would end the dream of our founding fathers. We must reunite as a nation. The intentional division of our country by Trump and his treasonous party must be repaired, or America will become a façade as a once respected nation who was admired by people around the world.

“The truth lives here,” and Washington remains embedded in deep corruption and secrecy. This must change, and if this does not happen quickly and with efforts which may seem drastic, America will not continue to be a nation.

I am not a doomsayer, I am a student of history, both past and present. I fear for the nation I love and want to live long enough to see it become a great country.

Op-ed by James Turnage
Edited by Marrissa Kay

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