The ‘Backward States of America’ Woos Disgruntled Americans and Harms Patriots

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If you live in Alabama, Arkansas, Alaska, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, or Wyoming, I pity you, but I do not feel sorry for you. You are living in one of the “Backward States of America.” But you have a choice, you can move. If you identify as non-Christian, other than pure white, well-educated, intelligent, or a woman, black or white, you do not belong in these “red” states.

I know it might be difficult. You have excuses including family, your children’s schools, friends, work, and many others, but you are giving up personal growth, free thought, and the right of your children to learn the truth about America’s history. You choose to remain in the dark, dark days of the mid-20th century. You will never reside in an enlightened and truly free country. You and yours face constant brainwashing efforts from right-wing extremists. Your state’s government will always pretend that you don’t exist, they value two things, the money you spend and the taxes you pay.

Right-wing politicians are desperate to replace their “base.” The number of voters claiming to be Republicans is in steep decline as baby boomers like myself lose their earthly bonds. On average, more Americans, most significantly younger Americans, identify themselves as progressives rather than conservatives. However, the overall majority claim to be Independents. Personally, I oppose all political parties. Voting for a party and not vetting the candidates and choosing the woman or man most closely aligned with your needs and wishes is ignorant.

Living in a red state will not only reduce your IQ, these states present physical dangers and reduce your life expectancy. Red states have more health problems related to obesity. Unhealthy diets produce serious problems including diabetes and heart disease. Problems that cannot be controlled by diet and exercise include a higher percentage of deaths by murder and domestic violence. In 2020, the percentage of murders in states won by Donald Trump was 40% higher than in those that voted for President Biden.

Courtesy of Bradley Weber (Flickr CC0)

A necessary side note here. It depresses me when I write “states that voted for….” I remain concerned and upset that our presidents are chosen by states and not the people. There would be no “red” or “blue” states if our presidential elections were the result of one vote, the popular vote. The Electoral College voids millions of votes each year. If your vote doesn’t count, why bother? Our country will never be the “United States of America” as long as we are defined and divided by states which support a single political party.

Since 2017 businesses have been abandoning red states. The right-wing extremists who compose state governments are opposed to the principles and ideals of their employees, and companies that value these men and women are declaring their support for a free and developing nation, not for the backward and destructive politics of right-wing politicians.

Just one day after a right-wing biased Supreme Court escalated Republicans’ war on women by telling them they have no right to choose their own mental or physical health, some businesses have sworn to protect a woman’s reproductive health.

The sad truth is professional politicians on the right side of the aisle are wooing Trump’s supporters whose cult is dominated by white supremacists who hate democracy and are willing to accept fascism. This form of governance would allow whites to actually be superior to Blacks, and the Constitution was shredded and soon forgotten.

My only encounter with red states or states with extremist right-wing governments was as a member of the United States Air Force. I was stationed in Texas, and later Mississippi. As a young man raised in Los Angeles, I faced “culture shock.” In Mississippi, when four of us were on a day pass, one of the passengers in our car was a young Black man. Leaving town, on a mostly deserted road, gunshots flew over the top of our vehicle from another in pursuit. These types of situations continue today, but no one wants to talk about them.

If you are a Trump supporter, we now know who you are: the pretense is over. You obviously share his anti-American beliefs and cheer his effort to overthrow our government.

There have always been “two Americas,” but now we know who our enemies are, and they live freely among us.

Op-ed by James Turnage (Author)


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Inset Image Courtesy of Bradley Weber’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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