Two Pit Bulls Maul Grandmother to Death

Pit Bull

Pit BullOn Thursday, July 8, 2022, two Pit Bulls mauled a North Carolina grandmother to death. Trena Peed was dog sitting the pit bulls when she let them out of the backyard of her home on Vance Street near Downtown Greensboro and South Elm-Eugene Street at around 2:00 a.m. Moments later, neighbors heard her crying loudly for help while witnessing the vicious attack. Peed’s son was inside the home at the time, and was awakened to find out his mother was dead.

Neighbors told the family they heard Peed’s cries for help. Others witnessed the attack. Their shock and horror at the attack can be heard in 911 calls. After the attack, Mr. Johnson, a neighbor, sat on the porch of his longtime friend with his head sunk low and his heart heavy. He said in his 40 years of living in this neighborhood, he has never seen anything this heartbreaking. Johnson added:

It’s terrible. She got mauled to death. That’s terrible. We were real good friends. Her and my wife talked together a lot. We were just friends. It’s terrible, even If I didn’t know her at all, I don’t care who it was. It’s a terrible way to go. I wish the family the best. She was doing something good and died behind it and died a tragic death.

Pit Bulls have been deemed the Jekyll and Hyde of dogs worldwide. This breed is credited with numerous unpredictable attacks. There is a large amount of documented history covering pit bull killings for centuries, with no accountability. Instead, the breed’s advocates claim the dogs are really gentle and docile pets, where only bad owners produce killer canines.

However, Pit Bulls have maintained a bad rap for numerous killings that have taken place over the years. Pit Bull owners believe the animal’s aggressive behavior is “only and always” a result of the training the dog has received and when raised properly these can be some of the friendliest and most loving pets.

The owner of Conyers K-9 Academy, Danny Lowery, told reporters “a dog will tell you before it bites.” However, other arguments claim pit bulls frequently fail to communicate intention prior to an attack. This has been well documented by several humane groups. The breed may not bark, growl, or stare before it attacks its victim. Due to selective breeding, for the purpose of dog fighting, pit bulls have also been known to ignore traditional signs of submission and appeasement among other dogs.

The relationship between the Pit Bulls and Peed has not been confirmed.  At the time of the mauling, she was dog sitting the canines. The victim’s daughter, Waynesha Peed, reflected on the vicious attack and her mother’s legacy on a “GoFundMe” request, which was set up to cover funeral experiences for Trena. Waynesha posted:

Early this morning, my mom was tragically taken away from us by a vicious attack from a dog. My mom has always been a true example of strength, love, and determination. My siblings, grandmother, family, & I are heartbroken at her sudden passing. She has endured and overcame so much, most recently losing two of her sons 2 years apart, both by tragic car accidents. By her faith, she always had a smile on her face that could light up any room, loved to laugh, cook, enjoy life & had a heart of gold. My family & I are asking if you could help to bring her home to Virginia & make arrangements for her homegoing service. Anything given is greatly appreciated! Thank you all in advance, just keep praying over our family.”

The 46-year-old woman is dead after being attacked by two pit bulls that she was dog sitting. Neighbors heard her yelling as she was being dragged into the dark. Greensboro Police and Guilford County Animal Control came to the home to try and get a handle on the situation.  Police reported the only way they could stop the attack was to shoot one of the dogs. The surviving Pit Bull is in quarantine with Guilford County Animal Services.

According to “Dogs Bite” website, 22 fatal dog attacks have been recorded in the United States so far this year. Thirty-five breeds have been involved in 433 human deaths as a result of a fatal bite in 13 years. Unfortunately, Trena Peed joins that number. Meanwhile, family, friends, and neighbors are distraught still trying to process this tragedy.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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Top Image Courtesy of the family (GoFundMe)
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