America Wakes Up to the Fact Climate Change Is Real

Climate Change
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“Climate change is real,” I’m tired of hearing and saying one undeniable fact. The truth is that it is the greatest danger to world peace and the future of mankind, and it is approaching far more quickly than our government will admit. None of the disaster movies made over the last five decades compares to the reality of what will happen to this planet if nothing is done immediately.

In his first year in office, 2017, Trump refused to sign the Paris Accord and agreement between members of the G7 to lessen the use of fossil fuels and reduce their effects on climate change. His decision, based on the demands of major corporations, placed our nation more than four years behind what was necessary to fight the greatest enemy to our nation’s future in history.

For the last several years, California has been devastated by forest fires fueled by dry conditions. The drought is worse in 2022, and climatologists are making a dire forecast for the “Golden State.”

“Megadrought” may be the main weather concern across the West right now amid the constant threat of wildfires and earthquakes. But a new study warns another crisis is looming in California: “Megafloods.”

These scientists are suggesting that several cities could be underwater, displacing millions of the state’s citizens. There is a possibility of a relentless month-long storm bringing feet of rain; as many as 100 inches.

Climate change is affecting every nation in the world. This summer, western Europe experienced a heat wave that killed dozens of people.

Climate Change
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In America, forecasts for the gulf coast are very worrisome. Warmer waters will result in bigger and stronger hurricanes. The middle of the United States will experience more destructive tornadoes. Eastern cities are expected to suffer extreme cold, with snowfall nearing records and lasting for a longer period of time.

I remind you of these forecasts to magnify the importance of the passage of the “Inflation Reduction Act.” After passing in the Senate without a single Republican vote, it was passed by the House on Friday, once again without a single Republican vote. It is now moving to President Biden’s desk for his signature.

The most important feature of this bill is a $369 billion fund to fight climate change. An estimated nine million new, good-paying jobs will be created over the next several years, and greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 40 percent from the 2005 standards.

“There are a few days in a congressional career that feel truly historic. To me, this is one of them,” House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., said on the floor ahead of the vote.

“This legislation is historic, it’s transformative and really a cause for celebration,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said in a news conference ahead of the vote.

One final note. This bill is the ultimate proof of why Republicans cannot and must not regain control of the House and Senate. If the party of no had been in power, this bill would never have passed. Today’s fake Republicans would have continued to protect the profits of big business while ignoring the future of all 331 million Americans.

Your vote will count in November, and it is critical if our nation is to survive. We cannot endure another four years of the Trump MAGA Republican’s “back to the bad old past” agenda.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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