China Still Faces Strict COVID-19 Measures

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It has been more than two years since the world first had to deal with COVID-19 and many things have gone back to normal, but China is still enforcing COVID-19 protocols. On Monday, the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen had to roll out new COVID-19 protocols after they reported just 35 infections including 11 asymptomatic cases.

These COVID-19 protocols shut down the world’s largest electronics market, suspended public transportation, and authorities enforced neighborhood-wide lockdowns. Huaqiangbei, home to thousands of vendors that sell everything from computer components to mobile phone parts, was one of the three neighborhoods that had to partake in a mandatory lockdown for four days in the Futian district. Residents are forced to stay home except for COVID testing. Businesses, excluding supermarkets, pharmacies, and hospitals, are shut down until Thursday in the affected areas.

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China’s zero-COVID measures include sweeping digital surveillance, mass testing, extensive quarantines, and snap lockdowns. Residents in those affected areas shared videos of how extreme those lockdown restrictions are. The videos on social media show metal barriers, some with barbed wire on top, outside residential buildings. Authorities have also suspended 24 subway stations and hundreds of bus stations all across Shenzhen.

China’s tough restrictions have been going on since the start of the pandemic and have had many negative side effects on the country. China’s restrictions have greatly affected its economy and in July, youth employment in China hit an all-time high. One in five young people is unemployed. In early August, tens of thousands of tourists were trapped inside the island of Hainan and the western regions of Xinjiang and Tibet after COVID-19 outbreaks.

In the southwestern metropolis of Chongqing. authorities forced mass COVID testing while they faced a record-breaking heat wave. Millions of residents stood under the sun for hours as they waited for their turn in line. Farmers’ livestock even died because of the extreme heat.

This week the province of Sichuan reported 205 infections out of the 20 million residents. The cases were discovered after authorities rolled out mass testing all throughout the city. The outbreak was connected to a swimming pool, authorities say. Sichuan residents are fearful of China’s zero-COVID measures and rushed to supermarkets to stock up on groceries and daily necessities.

In Tianjin, a city in northeast China, authorities announced to the 13 million plus residents that they will have to take part in mass testing after 51 cases were reported. While the rest of the world tries to transition back to normal, China still has not been able to. This has affected all residents throughout China as they continue to face these strict COVID-19 protocols.

Written by Gabriel Salgado
Edited by Sheena Robertson


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