Is Donald Trump’s Need for Attention Weakening Red States?

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If the mainstream media, including television “news,” would do their jobs and report the news, Trump would be what he actually is; yesterday’s news. He is irrelevant, remains mean-spirited, and is very boring. He has nothing to say of importance.

His efforts in this year’s primary elections have been destructive, not only for the Republican Party but for the integrity of politics in America. His support of television celebrities in Pennsylvania and Arizona is laughable. Neither is qualified to serve on the board of a PTA. In Georgia, he is supporting a former NFL player. He was average on the field, but as a political candidate, he is hilarious. His lies and inability to put a single thought together and speak are ludicrous. He is more unfit to serve in Washington than Trump.

Some writers are calling the defeat of Liz Cheney in Tuesday’s primary a ‘victory for Trumpism.’ I don’t see it that way. It is a loss for what is left of the Republican Party and for our country.

Unfortunately, the people of Wyoming are uninformed about what is happening in Washington. If the discussion is not about horses, country music, or last Sunday’s sermon, they have little to talk about. Cheney has been standing up against Trump’s fascist plans for America and for the Constitution, but only a small percentage of the people of Wyoming understand that fact.

However, don’t despair. What happened on Tuesday in Alaska may be a sign of things to come in America. There is hope that our nation can be saved after Trump and his “people” who tried to destroy it over four very long years.

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Another target of Trump’s rage is Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski. She was one of only a few Republicans in the senate who had the courage to do the right thing and vote to convict Trump in the senate’s mock trial after his failed coup attempt forced the House to impeach him for a second time. Although Trump endorsed her opponent, she won her primary. More surprising is the unexpected success of two Democrats.

Fairbanks Senator Scott Kawasaki outperformed his Republican rival on Tuesday for the first time. It is common for Kawasaki to run from behind in his elections, but not this time.

“To be neck and neck, or even just a little bit ahead of the next Republican, yeah, it felt really great,” Kawasaki said.

What was even more entertaining involved a little know Democratic candidate running for a seat in the House.

Alaska’s system for its primaries involves a Ranked Choice System. Voters can choose to vote for all of the candidates in order of preference. Democrat Mary Peltola was ranked first in the contest for the House of Representatives.

If Peltola wins in November, she will make history twice. Not only would Peltola become the first woman sent to the House by the people of Alaska, but she would also be the first indigenous person to serve in the House from her state.

On Wednesday, she led all candidates with 38 percent of the vote, followed by the failed vice-presidential candidate and half-governor Sarah Palin with 32 percent.

The midterms are becoming more interesting than usual. Most voters know that the party controlling the executive branch often loses seats in the midterm elections. Much of this is due to apathy. Without the excitement of the presidency in contention, many Americans fail to understand the importance of midterm elections. Will this year be different? I hope so. A larger turnout will favor Democrats and Independents.

Vote. This is your chance to save your country from those who would end Democracy and place fascists in control of your future.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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