Is Shereé Whitfield Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places?



Is Shereé Whitfield looking for love in all the wrong places? She returned to the “Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA)” reality show this season to many fans delight. Shereé seemed to be on solid ground with ex-boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams. Her beau was locked up when the reality star first “introduced” the love affair to fans. Upon his release in February 2021, allegedly, the couple was still going strong. This ended abruptly after a cast trip to New York. Now, Shereé has hooked up with reality star Martell Holt in hopes of finding love.

The news of her new love interest was met with conflicting emotions.  Some are rooting for the pair, while others question why Shereé would hook up with another guy with relationship issues. Losing a relationship can cause real pain and grief, and denying yourself the grieving process can lead to more problems down the track. Old wounds have many ways of impacting new relationships. They can disrupt a connection, prevent a connection from reaching take-off, or slowly pull at a relationship until it’s gasping for air.  Long story short, healing needs to happen before moving on to a new partner.

In 2015, the Bravo star joined the Bravo show “Millionaire Matchmaker” looking for love. Prior to this, Shereé looked to Iyanla Vanzant to see if the superstar coach could fix her, and, to no avail, turned to Patti Stanger. Many fans tuned in to “Iyanla, Fix My Life” to catch Shereé’s episode, only to be disappointed because she was not willing to do the work. The reality star resisted Iyanla’s advice and seemingly failed to trust her motives. Instead of working to better herself, she dismissed Iyanla as a life coach and claimed the entire show was staged to make her look bad. Shereé said she was totally misled and added:

What I did take out of it is I cannot control other people’s actions. I can only react, and I choose to do my thing.

Shereé was married to Bob Whitfield before experiencing a messy divorce. Whitfield is a former NFL Atlanta Falcons player but was active when the two were married. Shereé expected to receive a seven-figure settlement after the separation, but her ex filed for bankruptcy and changed the game. Despite her financial issues, Shereé turned to The Millionaire Matchmaker to help her find love again. Patti did what she was asked and found three guys to try to impress the diva. She then attempted to help Shereé by whispering in her ear in hopes of coaching her through the process. As expected, no one lived up to Shereé’s status, leading Patti to believe she is not open for love. The matchmaker accused her of looking for flaws and stated:

Shereé needs to be open to the guys; to practice give and take. She needs a lot of work and is definitely a woman who men are attracted to, but if she does not let in love, she is gonna be the old woman who lived in the shoe with 20 cats.

Shereé fired back by saying a person needs to go on several dates to really get to know someone, and explained that she did not get butterflies from any of the guys. She left “The Millionaire Matchmaker” bitter and alone. From the outcome, Iyanla was not the only one who could not fix Shereé’s issues. Patti seemed to fail her, as well.  From the NFL, to the Millionaire Matchmaker, to the prison scene, and now another reality TV star, is Shereé looking for love in all the wrong places?

The Cleveland native turned Atlanta socialite returned to the “RHOA” franchise with Tyrone. Her castmates warned her about going all in with a felon, but Shereé felt she was in love. The relationship ended with the star sitting alone outside a restaurant, seemingly devastated, with her heart broken again. Recently, Shereé hooked up with the “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star. After a bitter separation, which ended in divorce, Martell has his own relationship woes.

The businessman confirmed his marriage to Melody Holt fell apart due to infidelity. Allegedly, Martell had multiple mistresses throughout their union. Perhaps he is now interested in a monogamous relationship, or at least Shereé seems to think so. Instead of rushing into things, both parties should look at the patterns of past relationships, so they are not repeated. The “RHOA” is still looking for love and hopes to find it in her new beau Martell Holt.  The question remains, “Is she looking for love in all the wrong places?”

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