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iPhone Has a Set of Brand New Features

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The release date for the iPhone 14 is approaching fast. New information has surfaced about the features that the new IOS 16 will have but some would say they are overdue.

Let’s say that you just got out of work and decide to head home, but you suddenly remember that if you take a quick detour, you can visit one of your favorite fast food restaurants. Want to avoid getting lost? With iOS 16, you can now easily add the restaurant’s address to your travel itinerary and receive directions that will allow you to stop there before figuring out how to go home.

A lot of people have pointed out that Android has had this feature since 2017. Although Apple maps have definitely come a long way throughout its launch in 2012 people are still finding ways to bash Apple for late features that could have been added long ago.

With iOS 16, you now have 10 seconds to change your mind and cancel sending an email. If you touch the “Send” button and then quickly discover you typed something wrong (assuming the other person is also using iOS 16), you can now edit the error before sending it off. You can also utilize “Remind Later” to remind yourself of an email you don’t want to deal with right away or schedule an email to be delivered whenever you wish.

Gmail has had something similar to this since 2018. Its feature works by allowing you to put a timer for how long you are able to edit an email before it’s sent. The timer can go up to 30 seconds. You are also able to snooze an email if you want.

“Live Captions,” which allow in-the-moment transcription for audio, video, and conversations, have been added to iOS 16. It is a really helpful feature for everyone who needs to follow a discussion, not just those with hearing impairments.

Courtesy of Sean MacEntee (Flickr CC0)

This is yet another category that android has had since 2019. This is still a big win for iPhone users.

Another feature that is coming to iPhone is “haptic feedback” on the keyboard. Typing before was very unresponsive when it came to the feel of every key. This is something that android has had for a very long time.

The iCloud Shared Photo Library, which is a feature of iOS 16, will soon allow you to create shared photo libraries based on a date or the people in the images. Your photo collection is accessible to a maximum of five people. Depending on the starting date or the people in the images, Google Photos enables you to share your whole collection with a single partner.

The Apple Watch is a well-liked tool for tracking your fitness, but the official Apple Fitness Plus app was inaccessible to iPhone users without a watch (although you could, of course, use any of the third-party apps out there). The Apple Fitness Plus app is now available whether or not you are wearing an Apple Watch.

This is another great example of how the iPhone is stepping up its game. No longer will you need an Apple Watch for tracking fitness. Now you can track it through an app.

Another feature being added to the new iPhone is an always-on display. This means that you can look at important information when the iPhone is off. Apple Watch users have had this for a while now but they are just deciding to add it to only iPhone pros and pro max.

Android has had this for 10 years which has given it the upper hand throughout the constant competition with Apple.

With all that being said you do not want to miss the release of the iPhone 14.

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Inset Image Courtesy of Sean MacEntee  Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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