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Jermaine Quiroz

Jermaine Quiroz
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My name is Jermaine Quiroz and I am 16 years old. I was born and raised in Little Village. My favorite color is green and I like to be outside and play sports. I also like video games and TV shows. My favorite TV shows that am accurately watching are “The Walking Dead” and “Skins UK.” I go to Benito Juarez High School which I don’t recommend not trying to bash the school but there to much drama and gang.

I use to have so many friends and I was very social but when quarantine came I lost confidence and I became shy and insecure and stopped talking to people. My favorite thing to do is go out and explore new places. I have four siblings — three sisters and one two-year-old brother; which is a pain because he makes a ton of mess. I am good with little kids and animals for some reason.

I like vintage items and early 2000s things. I love so many types of music. However, it is mostly music by DeafTones — they’re really 2000s vibes — and I also like meaningful music that is relatable. I use to be in football but I had left because not many kids were putting in the effort and I had a feeling that we were not going to attend games causing us not to win. Another reason I felt this way was because barely any of them showed up for practice or anything.

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