Alvin Submarine Accomplishes Deepest Dive Ever

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What is Alvin?

It is not Alvin the chipmunk. Alvin is the most advanced submarine that we have to date. Have you ever wondered what is in the ocean? Alvin could potentially give us the answer. Being able to dive deeper than anyone has been able to, we may be able to discover new things that the ocean has to offer. At first, it was not fully able to dive as deep. Workers continued to make improvements to this submarine, and it was finally able to reach the deepest it has ever gone, which was around 4 miles deep into the ocean.

Where was Alvin Tested?

As aforementioned, Alvin was only able to go about 2 miles deep into the ocean. This all changed with many upgrades that had been done. According to Inertia, “including a 4K imaging system, a new hydraulic manipulator arm, more powerful thrusters, new motor controllers and an integrated command and control system.” If it were not for these upgrades to Alvin, there is a possibility that it would not have reached this new depth. Alvin, along with these upgrades, was tested ” in the Puerto Rico Trench, north of San Juan, Puerto Rico” according to deeper blue.

What Does This New Depth Mean For Alvin?

This is a very big breakthrough not only for Alvin but for humans as well. This means that more of the ocean floor is now available for it to discover. This new range means that about 99% of the ocean floor is now within Alvin’s reach. It can do so with two passengers and a pilot.

Courtesy of U.S. Pacific Fleet

This also means that there will be more species that can be discovered since they are reaching depths humans have never been to before. CNN states, “exploring places humans have never been to before. Researchers expect to find new species and study the fundamentals of life.” These new species will be fascinating for us to be able to witness, since before we thought it would never be possible to dive that deep.

What has the Submarine Discovered So Far?

Alvin has been used already to dive and find things that were once considered lost by society. “In 1986, Alvin made one of its most iconic expeditions when WHOI scientist Robert Ballard used it to explore the wreck of HMS Titanic. It also helped find a lost nuclear bomb off the coast of Spain,” stated Deeper Blue. They are already testing it, in order to make more discoveries like these in the future. The future of Alvin is looking incredibly bright thanks to the technological advancements that are happening all the time.

The Future of the New Submarine and What it Means for Us

There are many that are using Alvin for their own personal research, always trying to study the way that the planet functions. They are able to find out more about how it functions underwater. The submarine is always constantly improving, and there are many newer generations of scientists that want to give it a try. “There’s a new generation waiting to use the sub, and to them, we say, ‘Alvin is ready, where do you want to go?,'” according to The Inertia. Alvin is ready to help scientists dive deep down into the extreme waters, and make many more discoveries that humans once thought were impossible. With many more generations of scientists coming into the big picture, it will never fail to have many more advancements when it comes to the technological sector. What do you think Alvin will be able to find in the next dive that it takes?

Written by David Loran Jr


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Jon’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

Inset Image Courtesy of U.S. Pacific Fleet’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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