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Blacks in Green Is a Great Organization

Blacks In Green
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Blacks in Green is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on a variety of issues in the Chicago area. Their main goal is to create self-sufficient communities. A self-sufficient community is one that can take care of itself. It looks different in every community but at the base level, self-sufficiency is food, water, and shelter.

Above that, they are providing for the economic safety of the community. They assist with things like employment resources and job training. These are important because the economic livelihood of a community can either make or break it. When it comes down to it, self-sufficiency is about creating a community where people don’t need to leave when they need resources.

What They Do

The current state of many neighborhoods in Chicago is abhorrent. So many people live in communities that are in food deserts, lack access to healthy foods, lack mental health resources, and so many other things. Doing the work to become a self-sufficient community will help mediate many of these problems. Blacks in Green work to mediate a myriad of problems with the ultimate goal of creating, safe, self-sustaining, green environments. They assist with (and create) community gardens, help people get jobs, and so much more.

At every level in the community, Blacks in Green is helping make a difference in many neighborhoods. According to Naomi Davis (the founder), they work on “whole system solution for whole system problems. “What this means is that they intend to make solutions that account for variables all across the systems that oppress communities. Davis stated the reason they take this approach is that they believe: “Only a whole system, a solution can transform a whole system problem.”

Blacks in Green Show Persistence and Consistency

Blacks in Green are not just a self-sufficiency organization, they are also an environmentalist organization. They recognize the racialized disproportionate impact of the climate crisis. The work of environmental activism can be quite difficult. Nevertheless, Blacks in Green are quite persistent in their work and consistent in their message. They haven’t backed down from the aspirations of clean and safe neighborhoods nor should they. Their aspirations are lofty, but their faith in the communities of Chicago never wavers.

Blacks In Green
Courtesy of Wilfredorrh (Flickr CC0)

Blacks in Green usually try to make sure the space they use is used as efficiently as possible. That sometimes ends up as a public garden for the community. They grow fruits and vegetables for the communities they serve. This helps mediate the problem of the lack of healthy foods in marginalized neighborhoods. Blacks in Green tries to do everything it can to help mediate the problems in Chicago communities.

Why Do They Do It?

Blacks in Green is a complex organization that does a lot of different things for a lot of different communities. The reason they do this difficult work is that they care. Not all non for profits are built the same. However, Blacks in Green have an incorruptible drive to make good on their promises to the Black community. What fuels this drive is a sense of duty to the Black community.

A sense of duty that compels the people in Blacks in Green to want to create a greener world for the Black community. The people at Blacks in Green see the injustice of the world and have an intense desire to fight for what is right. Little by little, Blacks in Green is changing communities and the people that live in them. According to the founder, “The Black community must solve our own problems.”

How To Support Blacks in Green?

Furthermore, if people want to support this organization, they could go to one of the many events they hold. They also sell shirts, soap, artwork, candles, and other things. On their homepage, they have a donate section as well. Over the next few years, expect them to show up in more neighborhoods. They will be there spreading goodwill, planting fruits and vegetables, building gardens, and fighting for the planet. Blacks in Green intend on being here for longer to help communities all over the world embrace green and self-sustained communities. Their impact on marginalized and disenfranchised communities continues to grow every day.

Written by Kenneth Mazerat


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Christopher Porter’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
First Inset Image Courtesy of Wilfredorrh Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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