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What Would America Be Like Today if It Lived Up to the Expectations of Our Founding Fathers?

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One Man’s Opinion

I hate to do this, but I must tell you something you should already know. The dream of our Founding Fathers, “The United States of America,” is nothing but a memory after 246 years. Today’s nation of about 331 million people must be aware that our government, all 545 men and women who serve in Washington, have abandoned us and spend the majority of their time in our nation’s capital working for reelection, not for the needs and wishes of the people.

So, let’s look at what America could have become in the 21st century if the ideas and concepts of the courageous men who created everything we should have today during the Constitutional Convention between 1787 and 1789 had come to fruition.

The Founding Fathers

Our Founding Fathers were intelligent, idealistic, caring men with unrealistic dreams. The government created in 1789 was based on their belief that the men who succeeded them would share their love of the New Nation and serve the people who depended upon them. This was their primary flaw. Human beings come in all shapes, sizes, colors, dreams, and ambitions. They are good, bad, and everything in between.

Between 1787 and 1789 a group of good men, all with lofty dreams and ambitions, focused on the creation of the greatest nation in the world. That may come someday, but only if good men, great men like our founding fathers, step forward with the courage and determination to lead a nation of 331 million people by simply always doing the right thing. Less than a handful of men and women in Washington today can be called leaders. Most are ‘sheep,’ following others whose ambitions are destructive.

The Constitutional Convention succeeded because men with good intentions debated every issue with passion and determination. This created a compromise that resulted in the Constitution of the United States of America. If we accept the greatest guarantee of human rights and freedoms ever written as a living document, adapting to the many expected changes in the days to come, hope continues that the United States will survive the second Civil War happening today.

Better Decisions Like the Founding Fathers

founding fathers
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If the men and women who followed Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Madison, and others had chosen to follow their example, we wouldn’t be experiencing the division tearing apart our nation today.

When our 45th illegitimate president began showing his true self, as a man who lied when he took an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic,” a leader of the white supremacist movement in America, and an agent of a foreign nation who seeks the destruction of the nation of our Founding Fathers, if his party would have placed their country first he would have been powerless. Instead, they placed their party and personal ambitions in priority number one. Instead of working across the aisle with Democrats to improve the lives of all Americans, they chose to support billionaires and millionaires and created the current plutocracy which controls our nation’s future.

Political ambition has replaced service in Washington. All three branches of our government are facing internal strife pitting one party against the other. This includes the Supreme Court which was intended to be apolitical. In 2022 it has become as corrupt as the legislative branch.

Let’s go back even further. There would not have been a first Civil War if state and federal leaders placed the future of the people first. If they loved the country of their predecessors, they would have found an intelligent way to settle their differences, instead of killing each other and creating a division between the north and south that will last forever.

Facing the Facts

Their other big mistake is closely related to their lack of understanding of human nature. Without term limits on all three branches, we now have old, white men ruling over us and refusing to serve us after amassing a level of power that has corrupted them and made themselves useless to our country.

These facts are why I claim that the dreams of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution have been crushed. Altruism and devotion to others are far from the norm in Washington in the 21st century.

Bring Back the Founding Fathers

It won’t happen in the next 10, 20, or 30 years, but we can bring back hope to those who love the ideal of America. We can bring back understanding and compassion and crush those who believe in anger and hatred as a way of life. Until one party succeeds in removing the voting rights of all Americans, our vote remains the most powerful weapon in our arsenal.

Op-ed by James Turnage, Novelist

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