Halloween Stampede – Aftermath in Seoul

Courtesy of Ben Stiefel (Flickr CC0)

This past weekend in Seoul, Korea a tragedy struck. As they hosted a Halloween party with over 100,000 people in attendance a stampede arose. There is currently an investigation as to why this stampede occurred but as of now, it’s unknown. Despite this, it is known that the stampede started in a narrow alleyway. It was noted by survivors that the alley was slanted and that people fell on top of each other like dominos. When authorities were contacted they weren’t even able to make it to the disaster because of packed streets from traffic and partiers. Leaving from the incident there were around 150 fatalities including about 30 foreigners.

Following the start of the investigation, Korea has been able to identify the majority of the bodies and started watching footage from cameras. They are going to use the footage to identify where and why the stampede started. As time is passing experts and survivors are now blaming the stampede on a lack of planning for the event. Considering the fact that there were only 137 officers present at an event that contained 100,000 people, this could be the case. Experts also say there needs to be enough space to hold these people. Taking note that there were many narrow alleys in this space experts feel that Korean officials and police should have known this wouldn’t be enough space. Korea also recognized a lot of people would attend.

Halloweens moving forward

Taking into consideration that safety measures should have also been put in place for COVID it is widely felt better preparation should have been established. Moving forward people feel new laws or policies will be put in place because of this incident. This incident is considered one of the worst incidents in a while to happen in Korea.

But most of all it is felt that people have to be more cautious regardless of the situation. Whether it is Halloween or not it is always in your best interest to know where your nearest exits are. It is also important to be aware of your own limits and also be aware of your triggers. If you may not do well in tight spaces always leave before it becomes too much for you. Listen to any feelings telling you to leave as it may be intuition. Always be cautious.

Halloween as a whole has always been seen as dangerous. Things like poisoning candy, kidnapping, and vandalism are common things that already take place on the holiday. Being cautious on Halloween is not a new thing and shouldn’t start to be ignored now. It’s great to be cautious on any day simply for your safety. Despite the fact that the event planners are responsible for your safety at their event it is always safer to have your own back as this incident has shown there is always a risk when being in public places.

Remembering the victims

As of now, there are multiple spots to mourn the victims of the Halloween stampede that took place in Seoul, Korea. Survivors and people connected to the victims have also been speaking out to keep their names alive and also spread awareness. The incident is sad all around but until there is a further investigation it is hard to tell when or whether there will be closure over the situation at all. Hopefully, this incident will show the importance of event planning and organization. Hopefully, it will prevent another planner from making the same mistake.

By Cynthia Thomas

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Top and Featured Image Courtesy of Ben Stiefel‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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