America Is Now a Plutocracy Headed in the Wrong Direction

Courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Flickr CC0)

I wonder what country some political writers are living in? I just finished reading an article by David Brooks in The Atlantic, titled “Despite Everything You Think You Know, America Is on the Right Track.”

A Plutocracy Is in Control, Not “Coming”

I am not living in the same country as Mr. Brooks. Never in our 246 years has the gap in income between the working class and the super-rich been so wide. Not since the 1860’s has our nation been so divided. This is the reality of America in the 21st century.

Plutocracy: “a country or society governed by the wealthy. An elite or ruling class of people whose power derives from their wealth.”

The super-rich created this current “Greedflation” with the assistance of those who call themselves “Republicans.” When these men and women vote on legislation, the decision is made for them by their owners who pay for their reelection campaigns.

Our Country’s Current Economic Disparity Began with Reagan

This situation began in 1981 when Ronald Reagan adopted an economic policy he called “supply side economics,” but is known by most as “trickle-down economics.” He gave huge tax breaks to the wealthy, claiming that they would create jobs and therefore a booming economy. Of course this was a moronic idea, and nothing more than an excuse to thank his benefactors. All three Republicans who followed him into the White House used the same policy, and this is why America is in debt for trillions of dollars today. Corporations and the wealthy have not paid their fair share of taxes for the last 42 years.

A Plutocracy Cannot Exist for Long in a Democracy

The most frightening fact is that a plutocracy cannot exist for long without the support of an autocratic government. a growing number of men and women who favor fascism as a new form of government are dominating the right-wing politicians in Washington. They are led by Putin’s puppet, Donald John Trump.

Not a Single Problem Facing America Was Addressed Between 2017 and 2021

Additional problems ignored for more than five years include a refusal to take serious action to slow climate change, sensible immigration reform, protecting voting rights, universal healthcare, protecting women’s rights, and the high cost of education. Our government refused to do its job for four years of the fascist Trump administration, and has once again become the “party of no” during Mr. Biden’s presidency. All fake Republicans have become obstructionists.

No More “Party of Lincoln”

The Republican Party of the 1860’s would be opposed to the platform of those who call themselves “Republicans” in the 21st century. The “Party of Lincoln” was the true Republican Party, not the pretenders of today. I have attached the platform of 1860’s Republicans and you will see for yourself that racism was opposed by all. Lincoln’s Republicans supported the rights of states. Individual and human rights were a priority. Real Republicans respected the resources of our nation, not using them for the benefit of the wealthy. Important to today’s differences is the fact that 1860’s Republicans fought to unite our nation. Republicans in the 21st century are intentionally dividing our country.

The End of the GOP

The bottom line is that although the entire right side of the aisle in the Capitol Building calls themselves “Republicans,” the once Grand Old Party dismantled itself in 2017. Only the name remains. They are a party without principles and morals who oppose the needs and wishes of the vast majority of the American people. All of them are puppets for the rich to use as they wish.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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Top and featured image courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center‘s Flickr page – Creative Commons License


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