Melania Trump: An Enigma or Is She Conning Everyone Like Her Husband?

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Who is Melania Trump?

In 2016 I believed Melania Trump to be a victim of her husband’s ambitions like millions of others. However, after four years of reading about the Trump family, I am unsure about who and what she is.

The January 6 Investigations Paint a Clearer Picture

The House Select Committee investigating the failed coup attempt on January 6, 2021, uncovered a great deal of information about Donald Trump, his family, and today’s Republican Party in name only. None of it was good. What was most interesting was how easily they would turn against each other if their future was in danger. Sadly, these investigations are proving that not only is Trump a fascist, but an unacceptable number of legislators on the right side of the aisle are also traitors to the United States of America.

Stephanie Grisham Paints a Dark Picture

However, recent revelations about Melania and her interaction with her husband and his minions attempting to hide the truth offer insight to the turmoil and total confusion within the entire White House.

Stephanie Grisham, former press secretary for the Trump administration and assistant to Melania told the Committee that she encouraged the former first lady to continue the tradition of inviting incoming first lady, Jill Biden, to tea and a tour of the White House. She had often broken with the politics happening in the West Wing. Instead, she took her husband’s position, informing Grisham that “We need to be on the same page with West Wing.”

Keep in mind Melania is not a young, naïve woman. She is 52 and has a lifetime of experience. She knows the truth, but made a decision to support “the big lie.”

Grisham revealed what really happened inside the residential areas of the White House. She was concerned about her husband’s policy of allowing non-family members free access to their private residences. Grisham was specific about the frequent and sudden appearances of Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell. Melania had a personal fear that Giuliani would walk into her bedroom wearing nothing but a robe.

Grisham claims that Melania found most of her husband’s advisers and several of his family untrustworthy. She was specific about Don Jr. and his latest co-conspirator, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

“Certainly when it came to the kids, especially Don Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle, she never trusted that they were doing things in the best interest of their – of Don Jr.’s father,” Grisham told the committee.

We Understand Why No One Wanted to Work in the White House

It appears that working or living in the White House was extremely unpleasant. It seems that our nation’s most cherished residence was more of a prison than a home.

Grisham said that the former first lady felt that Donald’s closest advisers were giving him bad advice which was more harmful than advantageous.

She said that Melania was “very angry” at Mark Meadows, Trump’s then chief of staff, whom she believed allowed access to “people who were maybe harmful to the president, giving him bad advice.”

Using the Right Tactics, Trump can be Easily Manipulated

“A little flattery goes a long way.” This old adage is most applicable to Donald John Trump. With a low level of intelligence, and suffering from the effects of malignant narcissism, he could be easily swayed and take actions that would reveal the truth and place his very life in jeopardy: not that he deserves any pity or forgiveness for his damage to our country’s future.

This adds additional information to what we already knew and explains why nothing of importance was accomplished in four years. When Trump was not golfing, partying at Mar-a-Lago, holding hate rallies, or watching television, he was attacking his enemies in an effort to hide the truth about the depth and seriousness of his crimes. Sometimes the best defense is to take an unrelenting offensive position. If lies were told, he found them necessary to save his own humongous derriere.

The Trump Presidency: Must be Remembered for its Constant Failures

Regardless of what I believed in the past, recent investigations have proven that Trump and his administration were far worse than anyone could possibly have imagined. The number of crimes committed are unfathomable, and the incompetence is beyond belief.

I thank every voter who chose President Biden in 2020. You saved our nation’s future.

By The Wise Old Fart, (James Turnage

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