Who Is the Real Donald Trump?

real trump
real trump
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What You See Is What You Got

Who is the real Donald Trump? Unfortunately, he’s exactly the person you read about and see on television. There is nothing hidden inside that obese man’s small brain that we haven’t all seen in real life. Being totally honest, and ignoring the evil within, I see this old man as a sad and pitiful example of mankind gone bad.

What is most interesting is that after Jeffrey Epstein died, he had no friends left in his little world. He may like someone, but even that ends immediately if he or she refuses to worship the malignant narcissist or disagrees with anything he says.

Trump at 13 Was the Same As Trump at 76

Reading from his niece’s book, and excerpts from other insiders, what you see today is what he was at 13 when his father sent him to a military boarding school in New York. He remains a self-centered, pathological liar who will say or do anything which is beneficial to himself. He clearly does not understand the meaning of “love.” Melania is the latest of three ‘trophy wives.’ If her life is similar to the those of the first two, she must be miserable. However, she made her choice in life, and I have no pity for her.

I find it disturbing that a man who will be 77 in June has yet to become an adult. Trump continues to whine about everything in his life, although most of it is his own fault. His world is linear and narrow. His only focus in every situation is, “what’s in it for me.”

No Chance for Growth

Psychiatrists have studied Trump for years. Some claim that his need for attention is based on the fact that he did not receive enough love from his parents as an adolescent. This may have some basis in fact. A thirteen-year-old needs individual attention from his or her parent or parents. I don’t see a military boarding school as an institution where warmth, love, and nurturing are of great importance. Trump was born a malignant narcissist.

However, we are talking about a septuagenarian, not a “20 something.” Another fact offered by Mary Trump is that Trump’s father, Fred, demanded his sons act like him, taking what he believed belonged to him without consideration of others. History proves that Fred Trump was a racist and a bigot, and most certainly passed these beliefs onto his children.

A Hot Mess

Either way, Trump is a mess, and does not deserve the attention given him by the media. He has nothing positive to offer others. Every man and woman is born with the ability to think and act freely. Trump and I are three weeks apart in age. Every baby boomer I know grew up in a dysfunctional family. My wife and I talk frequently about how we, as the oldest children in our families, and both raised by a single mother, were forced to raise ourselves most of the time, or care for younger siblings. We don’t make excuses for our mistakes, we learn from them. This is not Donald John Trump’s thought process.

Fortunately, neither of us is anything like Trump or his family. Fame and fortune were never goals for either of us.

His Party Chose to Accept him for What He Is: Bad Choice

The final truth is, Trump has become worse with age. Not only did he attempt to overthrow our 2020 election with violent action, but his theft of classified material is also a violation of the Espionage Act. His party continues to redirect the truth because President Biden failed to return less than a couple of dozen documents which were reported immediately by his aides when discovered. The situations are completely different. Trump is a criminal, and the President is guilty of an honest mistake.

Right-wing politicians are desperate to convince the uninformed that their many lies are true. They conspire with Neo-Nazi groups, and use Q’Anon’s baseless conspiracy theories to hide the facts. I have nothing good to say about traitors who serve the greatest of all and not the people of their country.

Not Much to Talk About

To sum this up, Donald Trump is nothing more than an empty vessel. He is of no value to anyone in the world. His only purpose appears to be as a disruptor, creating emotions of anger and hatred while inciting violence. It’s time to relegate Donald Trump to a memory of our county’s dark past.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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Top and featured image by Michael Vadon, courtesy of Wikimedia – Creative Commons License

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