Ariel Hudson’s Goals for the Future

Ariel Hudson
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-Interesting things about myself

Hello, Father Larry, my name is Ariel Autumn Hudson.  I am 16 years old, soon to be 17 with plenty of full of ideas I want to accomplish.  One of the biggest goals I have is to be successful with whatever I plan on being in the future.  I am a hard worker. I’ve always been one since elementary school.

I know for fact it will pay off in reality depending on whatever I plan on being in the future.  I’ve experienced so much at a young age that has something to do with education.  For some reason, education has always been one of the things I really value in life.  It has always been a part of me. And I am willing to take whatever chance education has given me to order to be successful.

Goal one: Why Is Education So Important?

Education has always been important to me; since I’ve grown.  It teaches me things I never thought I will get. Furthermore, it gives me so much knowledge to carry on doing whatever.

It’s not just only important to me but it should be important in general. This is something everyone should start being fascinated about.  Without knowledge, you have nothing else to give yourself.   Like for example you will need to collect data from anything you’ve learned.  It will develop you during that process.

Next Finacial Growth

Another goal I am working on currently but want to expand while growing is money. I would want to make a lot of money in life.  Hopefully, it increases. What I mean is I would want to continue making money at a  young age.  When  I’m an adult it eventually will get bigger.

Money really motivates me it’s not just something I genuinely love it’s something I also need. Obviously but mostly I  get excited whenever money is either involved or I just hear about it.

Third Life Goal

Growing up I had mixed feelings about school.  I’ve always been a slow learner so I assume I wasn’t gonna make it. Till I actually improved in fifth grade. Then I started to realize I can do more than I thought. Eventually, I did so well on whatever I thought was impossible to get. Since I had that set of mindset.

Ever since I started knowing things my grades started to update in a good way. I have since been focusing on my grades.  That led me to get awards.  That’s why I’ve always been a big fan of school.  Since  I did very well in it over time and wanted to maintain that for the better. and also passing Till I graduate.

Mental Health Goals

Even though I am young and have a lot of good ideas I wanna do them in the future. That will be joyful to me  I believe my mental health is very important. For example, I am a person that also goes threw things in certain situations.

It could be a situation I can’t solve in my life.  That will lead to low self-esteem and depression and so more. This also is one of the biggest goals on my list.  In order to do things that will personally keep you happy. You have to make sure your mental health is alright. Also, you can possibly make it even better. I  am willing to make my mental health great because I wouldn’t want to be depressed at such a young age.

These are some of the goals I have set for myself. I know with dedication, I can accomplish them. I’m sure I will continue to add more as I continue to grow.

Written by Ariel Hudson

Image Courtesy of Ariel Hudson

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