An Important Message, and a Warning to My Christian Friends



Jesus Christ warned his Christian followers to be wary of false profits. This is comparable to the government of the United States in the 21st century. The following are samplings of some of those admonitions.

  • False prophets may make predictions that do not come true.
  • False prophets may have an ‘unbiblical’ lifestyle.
  • He will be allied with the anti-Christ and Satan.
  • False Prophets will lead people away from the lord.
  • These Warnings Apply to the Future of America.

Let’s begin with the first. Trump and his party continue to brazenly offer us lies, omitting the truth completely or with the creation of baseless conspiracy theories. He wasted four years all the while attempting to destroy democracy and the Constitution.

Next Today’s Fake Christian

Trump and today’s fake Republicans are the exact opposite of what it should mean to be a Christian. Not only do they lie every time they open their mouths, they constantly preach anger, hatred, and violence. Compassion, understanding, and acceptance mean nothing to them.

Their leader is a sexual predator who violated the sanctity of marriage whenever the possibility arose. His crimes are too numerous to count. As the leader of the white supremacist movement in America, he preaches racism and bigotry constantly. Trump’s only god is money.

America’s Greatest Enemies are his Biggest Supporters

Trump owes his very existence to the anti-Christ, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, and the devil incarnate, Vladimir Putin. These are the two men he admires most in the world. They are undoubtedly the greatest enemies to the existence of the United States.

Trump continues to obey the orders of his mentor and handler, Vladimir Putin. His ultimate goal is to become America’s first dictator and establish his own fascist regime.

The Only Group that Matters are 331 Million American Citizens

Both Trump and his party serve special interests. Not only do they ignore the needs and wishes of the majority, but they are also willing to destroy the quality of life most Americans struggle to maintain. They are intentionally leading us away from the teachings of the great prophets, Mohammad, and Jesus Christ.

Christian Friends Take Warning: Fake News is America’s Greatest Enemy

So, my Christian friends, tell me why Evangelical leaders continue to support a man who is an atheist. This is a godless, old, obese malignant narcissist who believes in nothing but accomplishing his personal ambitions.

The truth is the entire right wing of professional politicians hides behind the Christian Religious Right. They violate the Constitution daily by supporting the demands of a single religion, denouncing anyone who chooses an alternative faith or none at all.

If Any Part of the Constitution is of More Value than the Others, it is the First Amendment

The First Amendment is the greatest paragraph ever written. It protects human rights and guarantees all Americans life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Free speech, freedom of thought, and the freedom to practice the religion of your choice or none at all are critical to the principles of American life.

I admire and respect all humans who are devoted to their religion of choice. At the same time, I abhor anyone who uses religion for personal advantage. This is what politicians do in our nation today.

By James Turnage

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