Mother’s Violent Outburst at Elementary School is Poor Example to all Children

Principal Kent Vallier
Principal Kent Vallier

By Dawn Cranfield

Mother’s Violent Outburst at Elementary School is Poor Example to all Children

Violence begets violence.  A threat made by a Reno, Nevada, mother at her child’s elementary school certainly could not have been Valerie Bourquin-Brown’s shining moment.  Bourquin-Brown was having a heated discussion with her son’s principal, Kent Vallier, at Double Diamond Elementary on October 3, 2012, when she threatened to have her husband come back to the school and “kick the principal’s ass”.  (

Bourquin-Brown, 34, is the mother of Dylan, a second grader at the south Reno school.  Dylan is afflicted with sensory integration or sensory processing disorder (SPD), according to his mother.  While SPD is not currently recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), many believe it fits into another category such as the now-known autism-spectrum disorder, ADHD, or that it may be associated with an intellectual disability.

“The disorder is characterized by behavior problems. It can interfere with a child’s functioning and can be found in people with autism, developmental delays or with no diagnosis at all.  Dylan has been accused of kicking and throwing items. Bourquin-Brown said that on several occasions, her son has been restrained and handcuffed by school police.” (

Principal Vallier met with Bourquin-Brown to confer about Dylan’s behavior after an incident where his classroom had to be cleared.  Vallier believes the boy’s outbursts are causing a disruption to the other students and making the parents of the other children uncomfortable.

Dylan’s mother feels her child was mistreated and claims she simply wants the staff to establish an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for him.  She asserts that he can get overwhelmed at times, but “It’s about my son, and all anyone wants is for their child is to be treated fairly.  He’s a smart kid and has made progress.” (

Vallier ended the conference after what he claims was her “elevated volume” and “her past pattern of volatility.” (  He then IEPput the school in a lockdown mode and called police.

According to arrest reports, Bourquin-Brown also made threats to staff after her meeting with the principal and said they should call school police.  She also stated, “She was going to have her husband come back and kick the principal’s ass.” (

Poor Example to all ChildrenVallier filed a temporary restraining order against Bourquin-Brown who was arrested the next day at her home.  Although Dylan is back at Double Diamond Elementary School, along with his brother Jacob, a kindergartner, their mother is not allowed on the property.

Vallier has been on leave since the October incident.

Bourquin-Brown will appear in the Justice Court of the State of Nevada on March 12 to defend herself against the charges of threatening Principal Vallier.

Bourquin-Brown said she was angry when she said her husband would come to the school and “kick the principal’s ass.”

There are so many diagnoses these days that every time they revise the DSM it seems there are a plethora of new mental illnesses to ascribe our everyday woes; what used to be an energetic kid is now ADHD, somebody who was very meticulous is now OCD, and violent kids are now SPD.

If this child is acting out in class and cannot control his impulses, look to the mother; violence begets violence.